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If you are struggling with your weight, we can help. Many of our patients say they have tried everything and this is their last stop.

The Rainier Medical Weight Loss system is a personalized program directed and monitored by Valerie Sutherland, MD, and her team of weight loss professionals.

No matter how much weight you want to lose, we have the program that will be customized specifically for you.

We welcome you at our Rainier Medical convenient locations – University Place, Puyallup and our new location, Gig Harbor. NOW OPEN!

We also are proud to announce our new fitness training studio, Rainier Medical Health & Fitness in University Place.  Schedule your complimentary individual assessment now! You can learn more about our training studio at

We are also proud to offer minimally invasive aesthetic procedures at Rainier Medical MedSpa in University Place and Gig Harbor.  Visit our dedicated website to learn more here:

 Take back your health with us. 


Two Ways to Crush Your Goals

With offices in University Place, Puyallup, and Gig Harbor, we offer traditional, medically supervised weight loss programs.

We offer in office accountability, support, guidance and coaching (*recommended)


We offer online support and guidance with Saturday "weigh-ins" for those with scheduling or travel challenges.

Either way, nutritional supplements and vitamins can be purchased in our Online Store.

Nutritional supplements can be purchased in our Online Store.

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Introduction to Treatment Programs

Take the First Step

Today is the day. Do not let your weight control you, you control your weight. Call now for a consultation. Whatever you have tried in the past, don't let another day go by without giving your health the care it deserves. Nothing is more important. With the proper expertise and support, you can succeed.

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