Beautify Now


Feel and look younger!  You’ve done the work to lose weight and get healthier, now treat yourself to something just for you!  Meet with your provider and describe your desires, and she will offer an individualized, comprehensive plan of care.  Choose which services you want and then on your way to a new you!  With services spanning the spectrum of anti-aging and beauty, you can look younger and feel better than you have in years!  Have confidence that you are receiving services with the highest standards.

Services offered include:

Micro-channeling & Skin Rejuvenation

Innovative procedures that lighten, bright, and tighten the skin.  We offer the latest procedures of micro channeling with serum infusion, microdermabrasion.  Unlike laser therapy, these are virtually pain-free treatments with little to no down time to rejuvenate the skin and treat redness, sagging, and dullness in the skin.

Professional skin care

This is the core of anti-aging.  Your skin is an asset that needs daily care to prevent loss of collagen and discoloration.  We offer Skin Medica physician designed products with a regimen catered to your skin type and needs.  If you are not using a professional skin care regimen, you are missing out on the most important means of slowing aging! 


  Complimentary consultation with purchase.  Price is $170 per 5 ml vial.