“Strategies to Overcome Food Challenges while on a Very Low Calorie Diet or Low Calorie Diet”

The VLCD is extremely effective.  Weight loss goals are 2-5 pounds per week. But, in today’s busy world and insidious food environment, there are potential pitfalls surrounding you.  Here’s some ways you can navigate those and reach your goal weight fastest!  

“I’m hungry.”

  • be sure you are in ketosis. This will be checked at your weekly visit.  
  • space your meal replacements evenly throughout the day.  This should be about every 4       hours.
  • be sure you are getting enough water.  Thirst can be mistaken for hunger.
  • be sure you are getting enough fiber. Use 2-3 fulfill fiber enhancers during the day. 

“I crave food.”

  • identify what/where/when caused the craving.  For example, was it a sight, sound,smell, emotion, food visibility, or time of day?
  • “Out of sight, out of mind.”  Keep the food in a difficult to access place.
  • Remove yourself form the environment.  Go for a walk while others eat 
  • Distract yourself- what surges your “happy neurotransmitters?.  Perhaps a foot bath or self massage or a pleasing scent such as aromatherapy oil?
  • Find a healthier alternative- “Fake it ‘till you make it,”  such as a frozen mocha smoothie instead of a Frapuccino. 
  • When you are on grocery store food, eat small amount of craved foods, less often, in a mindful way (see the book Savor.)

“Temptations away from food.”

  • Have some food before you go. When you are not extremely hungry, you can make better choices. Do not be tempted to save up calories for the event 
  • If you are comfortable, take an option that is on your plan, such as a bar or shake.  If you are on grocery store food, take the vegetable platter  or meat and cheese platter to the event

“Using food as a reward.”

  • create your own list of non-food rewards:  bath, bouquet of flowers, sleep in, buy lottery ticket, shower gel, buy a new workout song, get a new plant for your garden, subscribe to fitness or healthy cooking magazine
  • set a S.M.A.R.T. goal and make yourself earn the reward. (S.M.A.R.T. is specific, measurable, relevant, time sensitive goal.)

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