Dr. Sutherland presents her research at Obesity Week 2018 in Nashville!

Every year bariatric physicians from all over the world converge to discuss cutting edge techniques and medical research related to all aspects of bariatric medicine. The conference is known as Obesity Week and in 2018 the meeting was held in Nashville, TN. This year Rainier Medical's Dr. Valerie Sutherland presented the first clinical research project generated with data collected at Rainier Medical! 

The study was designed to compare the difference in weight loss between women and men on the Rainier Medical Weight Loss & Wellness program while utilizing a Very Low Calorie Diet to lose excess body fat. The purpose of the study was to determine how much of the weight loss was related to fat loss vs muscle loss. Data was collected on participants who enrolled in the program between 2016 and 2018 from our InBody body composition scale which is able to determine body fat, muscle mass, bone mass and water mass with a simple and painless procedure. Dr. Sutherland demonstrated in the study that men tend to lose less muscle than women when on the program. However, there was a small group of patients who both lost fat and gained muscle, the holy grail of weight loss. This group will be the focus of additional research at Rainier Medical Health & Fitness.


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