Prehab- Prevent Injuries with Targeted Training

Prehabilitation (prehab) is a term that is unfamiliar to most, including many in the medical field.  It is a relatively new concept of performing strength and conditioning exercises prior to an expected surgery.  Multiple studies have proven benefit with exercise prior to... Read More »

The Halo Effect of Exercise : The Antidote to Sugar Addiction?

      Why is it that we eat right when we are in an exercise routine and then if that routine is interrupted (usually due to an injury or work schedule), then our “diet” goes out the window soon after?  This... Read More »

Adding Intensity Without Increasing Risk of Injury By Garrett Soames, PA-C, MMSc, ATC

How to use 12 minutes for an efficient workout to preserve lean body mass while losing fat. Read More »

IMWI Race Report

This was IM #4 and it did not disappoint. Not a PR for me at this distance and I failed to achieve my primary goal of a sub-11 hour race but I did PR the marathon with my first sub-4 hour effort despite a torn calf muscle following a 6 hour bike ride (IF 0.74/VI 1.1/TSS 325). It was my best AG placement at the IM distance, 28th place (previous three efforts all 36th-93rd). Read More »

Week 3: Road to Ironman Wisconsin - Dr. Doug Sutherland

Using the VO2, meal plan, weight check and more. Read More »

Week 1: Weight Loss on the Road to Ironman - Dr. Doug Sutherland

Follow along with Mr. Dr. Sutherland on his effort to lose 20 lbs while ramping up exercise for his next Ironman and hear Mrs. Dr. Sutherland's take on it! Read More »

Week 0: Road to Ironman: Doug Sutherland, MD

Video blog of Doug and Valerie Sutherland utilizing the Rainier Medical weight loss program to prepare for Ironman Wisconsin! Read More »

Taking the Focus OFF of Food

Many times our weight loss efforts are stunted by social gatherings. Especially this time of year with many holiday parties on our schedules! However, getting together doesn’t have to be about food. Here are some ideas do have fun with friends and... Read More »