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Lifestyle Strategies for Weight Management

Obesity Medicine is the medical subspecialty of physicians trained in treating the chronic disease of excess weight. Two-thirds of Americans have an unhealthy weight, and only about 2% receive treatment for it from their physicians. Treating an unhealthy weight is extremely powerful... Read More »

Urinary Incontinence Surgery in Women

  Urinary Incontinence Surgery in Women In JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) last month, two studies were published reviewing treatment options for women with urinary incontinence. Let us review these articles as examples, perhaps, of the latest on treatment options for this set... Read More »

Race Report: Ironman 70.3 Santa Rosa

Dr. Sutherland started, bled, went to failure, at the Ironman 70,3. Read about the race and what she learned from it. Read More »

Misconceptions of exercise and weight loss

Myth #1:  Being active is the same as exercise A common phrase heard by those of us who work in weight loss and obesity medicine is “I exercise all the time, I don’t know why I’m not losing weight.”  When asked to describe... Read More »

Body Mass Index After Menopause - Fact or Fallacy?

Measuring Weight After Menopause : Is it the Right Number?          During and after menopause, many women note changes in their metabolism, fat distribution, and body shape.  Typically, the changes involve increasing weight and body fat, increased abdominal circumference, and a... Read More »

The New Blood Pressure Guidelines: The Lower the Better?

What are the new hypertension guidelines and what do they mean for you? Read More »