How deliberate nutrition and exercise changed my life.

Some people wonder how I can be so passionate about helping people lose weight.  How could I understand?  I do not have the genetic metabolism to put on a lot of excess weight, (although I do gain 15 pounds if left to myself).  But, I have experienced radical fluctuations in my body based on what may seem to be modest changes in lifestyle.  My point is, anyone can change his or her body more than he or she probably thinks by being more deliberate and making changes that are probably smaller than he or she thinks.  Although I have spoiled the ending, I hope you will read further and allow me to elaborate. 

I was 32 years old, had just had my third child, gained 60 lbs during that pregnancy as I had with the other 2, and was suffering from chronic low back pain.  I could not sit for more than 10 minutes. I could not pick up my kids. I had to sleep in a recliner every night.  I could not wear shoes with heels for any period of time and I could not walk barefoot. I went to four doctors, physical therapists, had a spinal injection.  I lost the weight I had gained, returned to my baseline weight, and resumed exercise as I understood these are the things that improve back pain.  By conventional measures, I was doing fine.  I could kickbox a couple times a week, but could not do the jumping every time.  I still could not sleep, sit, lift or wear heels as I wanted.  And although the scale said I had lost my weight, when I looked in the mirror, my body definitely looked way differently than it had before the kids.  Things were soft in the wrong places with pockets in places that did not belong.  I was beginning to think that it was all downhill from there, in form and function, and I should invest in some attractive draping clothing and wear them always, when I discovered the niche of resistance training and meal plans.  It was quite by accident.  My husband started waking up at 4:30 am to go workout.  He kept waking me up, so I decided I might as well workout, too.  There, I learned about serious resistance training (not just curls and lateral raises) and MEAL PLANS! 

What is a meal plan? A meal plan is when you are given a paper with exact foods to eat with amounts and times to eat them.  At first, I thought I did not need one.  After all, I ate healthfully and was not overweight.  I had cereal and fruit for breakfast, yogurt for snack, healthy sandwich with whole grain bread for lunch, and a square meal for dinner. I rarely ate fast food, fried food, or drank alcohol.  But WOW!  What a difference when I deliberately combined certain foods together, avoided other combinations, measured them, timed them, and ate them in the correct proportions at the correct times.  I went from working out for an hour 5 days a week to an hour 3 days a week and got leaner and tighter and stronger.  My clothes fit better and then I had to get new ones.  I could lift my kids and run!  My energy shot through the roof, and my outlook was positive and I-can-do-anything good.  What a difference from thinking I had just gotten to “that age” and I had to settle.

Even better than the actual results in my body and energy, I now knew that there was hope!  Change was possible.  I no longer believed that how I looked and how I felt was the best that I could have.  I could get back to where I had been and even get past that!  The best was yet to come.   Now, after 4 kids, nearing 40 years old (gulp), I am doing figure contests and beating women close to half my age (thank you, Jesse Ewell at Innovative Fitness:

No matter where you are now in your health continuum, if it is not where you want to be,  there is probably something that you can about it.  But the hardest part is having the courage to try.  If you have 100 pounds to lose or 15, it can feel like a huge mountain to climb.  You don’t have to do it alone.  With some information and experience, exploit your power to get there faster and safer.  Come see me and my team.

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