My Six Best Portion Control Hacks

As a member of the Rainier Medical Weight Loss community, you are being bombarded with awesome and complicated advice about how best to manage your weight, your medical problems, your medications, etc, etc. All great stuff and it will work, trust me. I was right where you are in June 2017 when I began my own weight loss journey (link to my IMWI VLOG series) under Valerie’s expert watch (you think it is tough being her patient? Try being her husband!) But sometimes we just need some quick and easy advice.

You will soon realize one of the most important early lessons learned as you start the Rainier Medical program is just how abnormally sized most meals served in this country really are - both at home and when dining out. For example, most dinner entrees served in modern restaurants have enough food for 2-4 meals! Sizing up a proper meal portion and correctly adjusting your macronutrients takes some time and practice. This blog gives you some training wheels to start off.

If you are on a very low calorie diet or a modified fasting protocol, this information will be less useful for you as your entire diet is likely to be defined for you. But, if you are following one of the regular food diets or have entered the maintenance phase, enjoy.

  1. Meal replacements. They work during the initial weight loss phase, and they will continue to work for you if you let them. My absolute favorite is the Summit Series Keto shake (chocolate). Money. I usually have 1-2/day as true meal replacements. They mix easily, they are easy to carry anywhere, and they taste great. The crazier your daily schedule, the more important meal replacements become.
  2. The 2 cup containers. It is hard to screw up your meal plan if you fix the amount of food you eat per meal, and these little containers provide perfect limitations on my food portions (pyrex is what I use, but any Tupperware-like container works fine). I usually cook twice a week and stock the fridge with 3 meals/day (9 containers)
  3. Small (salad) plates and bowls only. Limit the intake, win the war. When serving myself at dinner, I ditch the dinner plate and use the smaller salad plates. A full plate looks like a lot of food, no matter how big the plate.
  4. Bring back the meal time conversation. This one isn't always easy, but I try to never eat alone anymore. If my wife and family are gone, I jump on the phone or Facetime somebody. Why? To slow down the eating time. Hard to eat fast if you are talking to somebody.
  5. Put the fork down in between every bite. Another way to slow down meal time.
  6. Fist size that carb/protein portion. Make a fist with your hand. That is essentially how much protein or starch you need.

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