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Newsletter, August 1, 2017
Total Pounds Lost: 28,440




Client Highlight


This is an illustration of how an exercise regimen deliberately designed achieved change.  This person had been exercising regularly but not seeing the results he wanted.  He met with Mark, exercise physiologist at Rainier Medical, and was prescribed a resistance regimen as well as cardiovascular exercise with specific heart rate ranges based on his VO2 results.  He used the CardioCoach app to monitor his heart rate during exercise to ensure he was reaching the targets.  That month, he was frustrated when he looked at the scale and saw it had increased 2.8 pounds that month.  But, when he did his body composition, it showed his skeletal muscle mass had increased 6 pounds and his fat had decreased 8 pounds and total body water had increased.  This individual had started the program on insulin and is now on no medication for diabetes after he lost 28 pounds and lowered his body fat percentage 12%.  Remember, it is not just as simple as doing more and more cardio to get the results you want. There is no one “right” exercise regimen for everyone. Get your program tailored to you.


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Rainiermd app


Free app available for iphone and android. Download it and make an appointment with a coach for your personal profile and meal plan assignment. It is for people on grocery store food.  Search for "rainiermd"


August Specials


Dermal Fillers: Look 5 years younger with little to no downtime.  $100 off each syringe while supplies last.  Add on Botox or Dysport for $11 per unit.


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