Newsletter - July 9, 2017

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Patient Spotlight!  (Shared with permission.)

53 year old man came to his first appointment in February just generally concerned about his health.  On his screening labs, we were both surprised to see his cholesterol was 265, his blood sugar 254, his HA1c 10, his liver enzymes elevated and vitamin D level undetectable.  He did not know he had diabetes.  His BMI was only 25.  Five months later, he has lost 35 pounds, and his blood sugar is normal on no medication!  This is an example of using a ketogenic diet to treat Type 2 Diabetes instead of insulin.  Note that the BMI was not "that high" but there was significant metabolic disease.  Remember, metabolic health and weight are not the same, and weight and fitness are not the same.  

New Offerings: 

Meal Planning Software:   Tired of My Fitness Pal telling you to eat 250 grams of carbs a day?  Get a profile for our own meal planning / macro managing / shopping list program.  Your coach will enter your macronutrient goals and give you a meal plan. You can make exchanges, use a shopping list, and compare to your individual plan.  This is only available to our patients. Cost is covered in your program already.  Just make an appointment with a coach to get yours!  The app is coming about July 20th!  Desktop version available now.  Get your RMR done so your macros are more precise.  The resting metabolic rate tests your metabolism, which can change with weight loss and exercise changes.  Cost submitted to insurance. 

VO2 App - now back up and running fully.  We discovered the issue. We needed to purchase separate programs for each office which is now done! If you have had your VO2 and have a heart rate monitor compatible (polar strap is best), get your results emailed to you, download the CardioCoach app, and use it during yoru workouts to make sure you are in your zones! It is like a personalized Orange Theory gym you can do anywhere!  Don't know what I am talking about? Then you need an appointment with Mark, exercise physiologist, for your exercise prescription and VO2 test if you have not had one. 

Online Programs: Coming soon (like this week!).  Two levels depending on your needs: Is it too hard to come into the office for coaching visits and want to just weigh in on Saturdays? Then you want the Premium Full Access Program.  This allows online food ordering to be picked up or shipped to your home.  Coming in to the coaching and love the personal accountability but want the online discussion forum and access to additional resources anytime to keep you on track?  Then just get the "add on" membership.  Watch your inbox and facebook for Go Live Date!  Interactive online forum so all members can discuss and help each other out!

Group Visits! - These are fabulous for people new to the program to hear about experience of others, or for people for whom motivation or focus are waivering and need a kickstart! Offered with Rose and Mark or with Dr. Sutherland.  Times are 7:00 - 7:45 am and 3:15 pm- 4:00 pm.  Call or email to join!

VLOG- Dr. Doug Sutherland is making a a VLOG about his weight loss journey. Follow on our website and facebook page!

Discounts and Specials!

Looking older?: Have you lost weight and look older? That comes from losing fat in the face on top of aging which causes volume loss.  Instantly look 5 years younger with a dermal filler.  Get 10% off first syringe and $100 off each additional syringe. Prices are $625-$900 a syringe. Results last 1-2 years depending on type. 

Double Chin?: Lost weight but still have a double chin? - kybella permanently destroys the fat under the chin.  Now incredibly offered at 50% off while supplies last through August 31.  Two - 4 treatments recommended, 4-6 weeks apart. Get your first one before July 31, 2017 so you can get two treatments at half off!  Price is $600 a treatment, so $1200 for two treatments, usually twice that price!  Results are permanent. Not recommended if you have had surgery in the neck area or if you have very relaxed skin.  Recommended when you are close to your goal weight. 

Skin Care- treat yourself to the best professional skin care line, Skin Medica. 10% off for current patients. 

Thank you to those who share their experiences to others! It is so powerful and unique.  Many people have had excess weight for a long time or have had it greatly affect their life and do not know that there is medical treatment.  It is my mission to get the word out and we are working against many other messages people receive. Help spread the word! Whether they get treatment at Rainer Medical or elsewhere, just get treatment!


Thank you for the privilege of participating in your health care.

Take Back Your Health, 

Valerie Sutherland, MD

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