Newsletter June 5, 2017

Rainier Medical Weight Loss and Wellness
NewsletterJune 5, 2017
Total Pounds Lost: 24,900

New Offerings (Read below for more information): 
VO2 app- take your workouts to the next level!
Personalized Weekly Menu (grocery store food)
Group Visits - optional, individual visits still available. 
Weekly recipes with meal replacements in office, available online here:
Saturday hours for weight checks and food pick up. These are currently complimentary, not intended to replace all coaching visits, but appropriate for weeks you are not able to attend a coaching visit, especially after you have completed 12 weeks of the program. Open 9 am-1 pm in both offices. 

Schedule Alerts:
June 23-July1: Dr. Sutherland is out of town. Both clinics are still open with coaches present to do complimentary weight checks, answer questions, and fill food orders and make sure you have everything you need. Dr. Sutherland will check My Chart messages daily in the morning.  You can email her on MyChart (get your log on in the office if you do not have it already) and the coaches can call her if needed otherwise.  Prescription medications can not be dispensed in the office during this time, but refills can be sent to your pharmacy if you happen to run out during that time.  Be sure to schedule your doctor visits once a month for medication refills. 

Information Sessions: Held every Saturday at 11:30 am in both clinics.  For people interested in the program and wanting to learn more. Attendance highly encouraged.  We know you are inspiring others to make change, you can recommend this as a first step!  Sign up online or by calling the office. 

New Offerings:
Online food ordering: order and pay of your food online and have it waiting in the office to pick up or have it shipped to you (additional shipping costs apply). This is for our established patients only. Click here:

Group Visits: Early morning and last appointment of the day there will now be group visit offering.  There will be a brief topic as well as time for questions and interaction.  They last 30 minutes long.  Some are led by coaches and some by Dr. Sutherland.  Check our website soon for schedule. Sign up by calling the office. 

Offerings Alert: 
VO2 Testing
What: This is the gold standard fitness test.
Why: Determine your current fitness level or reassess your fitness level to evaluate the efficacy of your workout program.  Establish your personal heart rate goals for fat burning versus cardiovascular fitness exercise.  Determine how your body utilizes carbohydrate versus fat for fuel.  Measure accurately and precisely the number of calories you burn during each workout.  People utilize fuel differently, have different heart rate zones, and respond differently to exercise programs.  A fitness test is an integral part of your wellness program.  If you have lost excess weight but are not fit, we have only reached half our goals!
How: Be sure it is safe for you to exercise vigorously.  If you have heart issues, diabetes, are over the age of 65, or have had an abnormal heart test, meet with Dr. Sutherland first.  Schedule your appointment in either the Puyallup or University Place office.  The appointment is 45-60 minutes. Come dressed in workout clothes, having had a meal about 90 minutes ahead of time.  You will be fitted with a heart rate strap, a mask that goes over your mouth and nose that is connected by a tube to a machine, then ride a bike with a nice, soft seat.  You will warm up for a few minutes, then ride progressive faster until you can not go any harder, about 30 seconds at each level.  The bike has handles to push back and forth as well.  You will typically ride 5-10 minutes. 
When: Test recommended no earlier than Week 3 in the program, and every 3-4 months until you reach a “good” fitness level, then every 6 months to ensure you stay there.  If you have a large amount of weight to lose, you may want to wait until you have lost enough weight to move more comfortably. 
Cost: Cost is submitted to insurance.  Typically, it has been “covered” according to individual policy details, except for Aetna.  If no insurance coverage, cost is $180. 

CardioCoach App
What: an app for your phone, free to you, to put your VO2 test results to use! After you have your VO2 test, get your results emailed to you from our office.  Then, download the app and import your results.  Use a compatible heart rate monitor with blue tooth technology during your workout, set your goal (fat burning or cardio and time), and follow the prompts on your phone to go more or less intensely of your goal.
here is a link for more information:http://

Resting Metabolic Rate Test
What: Test to determine how fast or slow your metabolism is. 
Why: To more precisely individualize your diet plan and understand how your body handles energy.
When: Very important when going to a maintenance diet.  It is also informative to get a baseline when you start. 
How: Schedule an appointment at either the University Place or the Puyallup office. No food or caffeine for 5 hours prior to the test. Arrive 15 minutes early to sit in the waiting room so you are at rest. No vigorous exercise for 24 hours prior to the test. Do not take any stimulant medications prior to the test. 
Cost: submitted to insurance.  Typically, it has been “covered” according to individual policy details.  If no insurance coverage, cost is $85. 

Menus/ Meal Plans
What: Computer software generated menus based on your metabolic rate, body fat, activity level, and weight goal based on your diet prescribed by Dr. Sutherland.  Result is 7 days of complete menus with food exchange list if you want to make substitutions. 
Why: Gives you a menu / meal plan if you do not know what to eat to meet your macronutrient goals or want to try something new. 
How: Ask your coach at your next visit.

Cost: included in your program. 

Coming soon: 
App to use as food tracker with your individual goals / prescribed meal plan with ability to make substitutions. 
Online Coaching options. 

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