Prepare Your Space For Weight Loss!

Have you noticed that your environment affects your lifestyle choices?  Are you more likely to snack on sweets when they are around?  Are you less likely to exercise when it is hard to do so?  Here is a list of suggested items and environmental changes to your home and/or office for an easier transition and success in your weight Loss and long term weight control journey.

Supplies to have:

  • Activity monitor (pedometer FitBit, MyFitness Pal step tracker, other phone app)

  • Food diary (MyCare, My Fitness Pal, Fit Bit, paper and pencil, Calorie King)

  • Method for cardiometabolic exercise (tennis shoes, treadmill, gym membership, raincoat!)

  • Method for resistance exercise (your own body is the best machine!, resistance band, kettle bell, medicine ball)

  • Kitchen scale

  • Measuring cup and measuring spoons

  • Smaller serving dishes that are in bright colors.Visually pleasing table setting.

  • Hang a full length mirror someplace where you will walk by it naturally and often

  • List of activities and chores in your usual life divided into 3 categories: (1) things that you enjoy, (2) things that neither bother you nor excite you, and (3) things that “bring you down” or evoke negative feelings.

  • List of rewards to give yourself when you reach your S.M.A.R.T goals.

  • Bathroom scale to weight yourself every morning before you dress.

  • Something you can do with your hands if you choose to watch television, such as knitting or an adult coloring book.


    Changes to make to your home, office, and other environment:

  • Clear the dining table and set it for eating.

  • Remove televisions from rooms other than the TV room.No TV in the dining area or bedrooms.

  • Clear an area in front of TV for exercise.

  • Clean out the pantry of the treats.These should be enjoyed in the right amounts away from home according to your meal plan.If you need to keep them in the home for other people, negotiate to store them out of sight and away from the places you normally see.For example, put ice cream under frozen peas.Put cookies on a high shelf behind the flour bag.

  • Stock the kitchen with a reasonable amount of food that is on your plan.Prepare meals ahead of time. For example, was the produce as soon as you bring it home.Cut the head of cauliflower into cute little pieces and put it into a clean container so it is ready to eat.

  • Have a plan in mind of something that you can do when you are stressed/tired, etc other than eat (such as bath salts by the bath and some aromatherapy, or a playlist of songs that make you happy and a way to play it, or a foot bath).

  • Hang up a photo of yourself that motivates you (either when you were lighter that you like or when you are heavy and you do not like).

  • Hang up a piece of clothing that you love that you can no longer wear comfortably.Visualize yourself wearing it and looking fabulous!

  • Post a notecard on your bathroom mirror listing your top 3 reasons for wanting to lose weight and improve your health.

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