Questions From Clients

Question of The Week

Here's what our clients say about "healthy" rewards when trying to losing weight. What is one reward you can give yourself or do for yourself after meeting a personal goal? 1. Buy flowers! 2. Place $1.00 in jar to go toward a shopping trip! 3.... Read More »

Staying on Track for the Holidays

Trying to stay on track for the holidays? Here is what our clients have to say about conquering emotional hunger during the holidays. Try these simple techniques to stay ahead! Use recipe substitutions. For example, try mashed cauliflower rather than mashed potatoes. Walk away!... Read More »

Combating Emotional Hunger

Many times the struggle with losing weight is not just diet or exercise. We face challenges when emotional hunger arises, especially during the holiday season when stress gets the best of us. Try to understand why you are feeling that way and really... Read More »

Taking the Focus OFF of Food

Many times our weight loss efforts are stunted by social gatherings. Especially this time of year with many holiday parties on our schedules! However, getting together doesn’t have to be about food. Here are some ideas do have fun with friends and... Read More »