The Food Industry and Other Groups that Directly Affect Our Information And Health

This is an upsetting article revealing that physicians accepted payment from the food industry related to recommendations for a low fat diet.  This temporally correlated to an increase in foods in which the fat had been removed, sugar and other sweeteners added, and then to a rise in the weight of Americans.  Would you like to read more?  I recommend the book Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Foods, Obesity an Disease"  by Robert Lustwig.  I got to hear him speak at on Obesity Medicine Association conference and he had a standing ovation and it cemented by decision to go beyond the bounds of traditional Internal Medicine and specialize in Obesity Medicine. 

At Rainier Medical, we pratice what Dr. Lustwig and many other esteemed specialists at univeristy centers preach to treat obesity early and ambitiously and comprehensively.  Make your appointment today to start getting healthier and Take Back Your Health.

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