The Power of Focus

The Power of Focus

Multitasking… We all do it... Running through the day from the moment we awaken until we hit the pillow that night. Making breakfast, getting the kids off to school, juggling 3 tasks at work while on social media, taking on extra work projects, commuting home, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, attending church or club/programs, more Facebook, TV, checking emails again… Sound familiar? Modern fast paced, digitalized existence can leave us feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, out of control and not present. Moreover, it is false productivity. We are playing a fool’s game! The emphasis on getting rote tasks done, infrequently moves us towards our deepest goals. Maddeningly, the whole process must be repeated the next day. We feel like “life is crazy right now” or life is running us.  We “kind of” juggle everything ok, and then are surprised that we get “kind of” results. Personally, I’ve played this game many times in my life and always feel like life is pushing me around with little to show. I am going to suggest something radical – DO LESS - BETTER!  Think about what it is you want to accomplish most and live with intention. Unfortunately, a law of the universe seems to be that accomplishing anything worthwhile requires a sacrifice. The good news is that it unclutters our minds.  Let the house projects, dishes, social media friends and club obligations go. Not permanently, but until you have accomplished what is most important.  Obviously family or personal emergencies are excluded from this discussion. Work your goals first and if you have time left the tasks second.  However, we usually tend to approach this in reverse leaving little time for accomplishments that would bring deeper happiness and lasting satisfaction.  Think about your goal daily, journal about it, talk about it. Consider the example of a professional athlete. Does a pro quarterback attain his level of performance by playing baseball, boxing, violin, and chess or by laser beam focus on his goal until he has learned his craft well? Having many life goals is great. But focus on only 1-2 at a time until it is achieved and then move down the list. Worried you won’t get it all done? Well, at least what you do achieve will be of higher quality.

In our case the goal should be your weight loss and lifestyle change while you are with us. You are making a financial and time investment and will get the most return on these investments through commitment.  If you are starting this program or are amid the reducing phase, I suggest you make it a focused goal. Tear down the I’ll “kind of” do it approach and adopt an I’ll do it “no matter what” attitude. Take 6-8 months and go all out. Live it. Pair down the extraneous in both thought and action. Share the journey with other patients, friends and family members. The physical and mental results will speak for themselves.


Daniel Hahn,PA-C

Rainier Medical Weight Loss and Wellness

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