truSculpt 3D - the latest in body contouring technology

Rainier Medical MedSpa is proud to become the only Tacoma area aesthetic practice to offer the new Cutera truSculpt 3DTM


What is truSculpt 3DTM?


truSculpt 3DTM is a non-surgical method to reduce difficult-to-lose fat stores, improving the contour of your body and tighten the overlying skin. It is ideal for patients who have already successfully lost weight or are already close to their ideal weight. The procedure is performed in our our convenient University Place, WA Rainier Medical MedSpa office.


How is truSculpt 3DTM different from CoolSculpt?


The treatments are different in two important ways. First, truSculpt 3DTM can be used on large areas such as the lower abdomen, arms, thighs, and bra line. Second, truSculpt 3DTM uses a a different energy frequency than Coolsculpt that penetrates deeper into the tissue which keeps the skin covering the fat cooler - this means less discomfort during the truSculpt 3DTM treatment. Additionally, the truSculpt 3DTM technology tightens and smooths the skin, minimizing the appearance of cellulite, something Coolsculpt does not offer. Lastly, truSculpt 3DTM is also quicker to perform than Coolsculpt. 



How is truSculpt 3DTM performed?


The truSculpt 3DTM hand piece is placed on the designated area for about 15 to 20 minutes by a Rainier Medical qualified operator. The discomfort is minimal - no anesthesia of any kind is required. The hand piece emits radiofrequency energy through the skin causing a warm sensation which as been compared to a hot stone massage.


How much does truSculpt 3DTM cost?


We are offering an introductory special through January 1st, 2018


$1200 for two treatments for smaller areas, such as legs and arms

$2400 for two treatments for larger areas, such as the abdomen and flanks


But, does it work?


Yes!! You will see significant improvement in the contour of your selected body area within 12 weeks. In the clinical trial directed by Amy Forman Taub, M.D., after a single truSculpt 3DTM 80% of patients saw over a 20% reduction in size of the fat thickness, with up to 34% reduction (confirmed by ultrasound).  Additional improvement can be obtained with a second treatment, if desire. 


You can find more information on truSculpt 3DTM at Cutera’s website,


You can read an interesting blog post from the wellness editor of the popular blog charlotte’s book, Tatiana Boncompagni, on her experience receiving a truSculpt 3DTM treatment as well,


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