Weight Bias in Health Care. Do You Feel Like Your Weight is Blamed For Everything?

Many patients I meet for the first time tell me they do not feel well.  Their symptoms may be a variety of things, similar to those I heard reprted by many of my patients when I practiced primary care: fatigue, joint pain, mood problems, sleep problems, gastrointestinal problems, breathing problems, etc.  Many times they had gone to their primary care provider first and had been told one thing: it was due to their weight.  Sometimes it is the weight, but a significant number of times, it is not.  How many?  Well, any missed diagnosis is one too many.   If you have excess weight and are not feeling well and are looking for treatment options, consider an obesity medicine specialist.  There are only about 1400 in the country, but there is one at Rainier Medical Weight Loss and Wellness in University Place and Puyallup, where we offer ambitious treatment for the disease of obesity, including Very Low Calorie Diet and pharmacotherapy.


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