Weight Management

The Halo Effect of Exercise : The Antidote to Sugar Addiction?

      Why is it that we eat right when we are in an exercise routine and then if that routine is interrupted (usually due to an injury or work schedule), then our “diet” goes out the window soon after?  This... Read More »


Men’s Health Blog Douglas E Sutherland, MD Urologist February 27, 2018 I CAN SEE THE FUTURE (OF YOUR SEXUAL HEALTH)     Without a doubt, the most common men’s health concern I hear about in clinic is the loss of erectile function (ED). It often ties in directly... Read More »

Adding Intensity Without Increasing Risk of Injury By Garrett Soames, PA-C, MMSc, ATC

How to use 12 minutes for an efficient workout to preserve lean body mass while losing fat. Read More »

truSculpt 3D - the latest in body contouring technology

truSculpt 3D is the latest in body sculpting technology to diminish fat Read More »

Low Testosterone - Guest Expert, Douglas Sutherland, MD.

"Doc, can we check my testosterone levels today?" I hear this question multiple times every day in my urology clinic, regardless of the reason the gentleman was sent my way in the first place. I have had men ask me this very question... Read More »

The Risks of Low Testosterone in Men

The Risks of Low Testosterone in Men Read More »


Handling special events is an integral skill for long term weight management.  I recommend you: 1. Plan Ahead. Don't get stuck in the trap of deciding whether to stay "on your diet" in the heat of the moment.  Think ahead, check out the food options... Read More »

The Food Industry and Other Groups that Directly Affect Our Information And Health

This is an upsetting article revealing that physicians accepted payment from the food industry related to recommendations for a low fat diet.  This temporally correlated to an increase in foods in which the fat had been removed, sugar and other sweeteners added,... Read More »

Refusing Healthcare to Patients with Obesity and Other Forms of Obesity Discrimination in Healthcare

Here is an alarming article on refusing care to patients with obesity. It describes a measure in the National Health System in which patients with a BMI over 30 and patients who smoke are refused surgery for 6-12 months unless it is... Read More »

Intensive Medical Weight Loss - Is it Safe and Effective for Older Adults?

Is intensive medical weight loss safe and effective for older adults? Yes! says this article from Obesity Society.  Older adults who used 2 meal replacements a day as part of a low calorie diet lost twice as much weight as those who reduced... Read More »