What "Should" You Weight- Look to the Measuring Tape, Not the Scale!

As we all know, weight is not the only health indicator and can be misleading.  However, at Rainier Medical, we go far beyond the scale, and look at weight distribution, body composition, metabolic health, fitness, quality of nutrition, and more. One of our new exercise trainers, Max, was doing research in the health and wellness world and found this while browsing current science. The title read “More accurate measure of body fat developed."  This new formula coined as “RFM” or “relative fat mass” was developed by exploring over 360 previously developed body fat formulas. Additionally, RFM reduced obesity misclassifications, and improved the identification of diabetes in both men and women more precisely than BMI. This study was aimed at finding a more reliable, simple and inexpensive method to assess body fat percentage without using sophisticated equipment. Although BMI is commonly accepted as the measure of whole body fat, an overwhelming majority of the medical community do not like this formula, as it only uses total weight and does not take into account muscle, bone, water, or fat mass before giving you a classification. This new formula is extremely powerful as it removes the need to have a scale, as you can now find an estimate of your whole body fat percentage and general health with just a measuring tape. To measure your waist, place the tape measure right at the top of the hip bone and reach it around your body for the most reliable result. Additionally, the BMI formula was developed for only white European-Americans, so it is not as accurate for other ethnic groups. You can rest assured that this formula is vastly superior to the BMI formula as it was developed after being tested on over 3,500 patients of all ethnic backgrounds.

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