What Your Fat Is Doing To You: Top 5 Chemicals Produced By Fat

   Fat is not just an inert substance that just makes your clothes fit poorly.  It is an active organ that releases chemicals that affect your entire body.  That is why having excess fat increases your risk of disease even if you do not have diabetes.  The top 5 substances released by fat, a.k.a . “adipokines”  are:


  1. Adiponectin- as obesity goes up, this level goes down, thereby increasing insulin resistance, foam cells which cause atherosclerosis, and tumor necrosis factor alpha (See below.)  Nothing with “necrosis” in it is good!
  2. Angiotensinogen - this decreases nitric oxide (the chemical that opens arteries, decreases the development of new blood vessels, and leads to the development of hypertension.)  Ever heard of an “ACE inhibitor” blood pressure medication such as lisinopril?  They work by reducing this chemical, but they can also cause a cough and electrolyte disturbances.  How about just reducing your fat mass instead of taking that drug? 
  3. CRP - stands for C-reactive protein, this adipokine increases cholesterol uptake in the cells lining blood vessels, thereby creating plaque.  Your level of CRP predicts the development of diabetes and heart disease. 
  4. TNF-a - stands for tumor necrosis factor alpha, this adipokine increases insulin resistance, decreases nitric oxide which opens arteries, and increases cell death in the lining of arteries. 
  5. Leptin - increases platelet clumping and blood clotting, promotes cholesterol accumulation in cells, and increases blood pressure.


All of these add up to an increased risk for various health problems beginning as early as the teenage years and young adults.  Don’t wait another day to begin reducing excess body fat.  Call, email, or sign up online for a complimentary information session at Rainier Medical Weight Loss and Wellness.

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