Continuous Glucose Monitors

What is a Continuous Glucose Monitor? 

The purpose of the continuous glucose monitor is to get a complete picture of your blood sugar. When your blood sugar is monitored with a finger stick, it only tells you what it is at that moment. When your blood sugar is monitored with a HA1c, it only tells you the average of all your blood sugars. You can have abnormally high and abnormally low blood sugars and a normal average. Or, for the same average, there can be a very different blood sugar patterns.l Having a stable, steady, and well controlled blood sugar can result in you both feeling better and having better health outcomes. 

How long do I have to wear the continuous glucose monitor?  

If you have diabetes and your blood sugars are not normal, plan to wear a continuous glucose monitor for 7 days during the second month of your program and then periodically thereafter to give your provider information on your blood sugar response to your nutrition and exercise plan so it can be tailored to achieve the best blood sugar control possible. 

How big is the continuous glucose monitor?  

It is about the size of a silver dollar, inserted just under the skin with a device like a rubber stamp and taped in place. It is either worn on your abdomen or the back of your arm.  

How much does it cost? 

The cost is billed to your health insurance where your individual policy terms apply.  If there is no health insurance or it is "patient responsibility" due to deductible or other factor, the out of pocket cost is approximately $225.