Financial Policy

It is expected that you will submit your insurance information online via our website and bring a copy of your card and identification with you to your visit.  A copy of the front and back of your card may also be submitted online prior to enrollment to ensure complete and accurate information is provided.  We recommend you do this prior to your first visit so that your insurance benefits can be verified and uploaded into the computer prior to your visit.

Verification of Benefits:
As a courtesy, Rainier Medical calls every insurance company for every individual and makes a written note of the coverage based on the information provided by the patient at the time of enrollment.  It is imperative that the information provided is up to date, accurate, and complete.  The information we obtain on your benefits is available to you.  If your insurance limits the number of certain types of visits, you are responsible for being aware of this and keeping track of how many you have had.  If your insurance information changes at any point during your care, you are responsible for making that known and providing the updated information and are responsible for knowing the new coverage of the new policy. 

Patient Financial Responsibility:
Our financial policy states that each patient is ultimately personally financially responsible for services provided once insurance has been billed.  Rainier Medical can not guarantee an insurance company’s payment.  Payment is due at the time services are rendered once an insurance company has responded (if applicable).  Additional appointments may be cancelled or not made if an account is past due with no arrangements made.

These are a few of the most common reasons for out of pocket costs:

  • Deductible not yet met
  • Co-insurance
  • Co-pay: may or may not be due at every nurse visit, physician assistant visit, or preventive counseling visit

 There are certain fees not covered by insurance.  Letters for FLEX spending, HSA, or tax returns are available.

  • Enrollment, Re-enrollment, and Maintenance Program Fees
  • Medical Foods
  • Nutritional Supplements / Other Supplements
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Pharmaceuticals dispensed at Rainier Medical.

Viewing Your Account:
Statements are mailed monthly to all patients.  Your account may be viewed at any time via MyChart through Multicare’s portal.  Accounts are updated every 24 hours.  Payments received in the last 24 hours may not be reflected. Insurance companies may take up to 90 days to respond to a claim.  Therefore, if a claim is denies, it may not be known for up to 90 days.

Making a Payment on Your Account Options for making a payment on your account include:

Questions on Your Account:
Rainier Medical requests that all questions, concerns, or requests for corrections to accounts be submitted in writing online at   This allows for clear, precise, tradable communication and quality assurance.  Please do not send questions directly to the clinical care team via MyChart as they will not be received in the correct department.