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Welcome to the Rainier Medical Forums. We hope you’ll visit and post often!

At Rainier Medical, we believe in the power of a positive community, and we invite you to participate in that community in a way that is encouraging, inspiring, and respectful. Keep in mind that this is a forum with other members that is not private.  Any information that you share will be viewed by others.  If you choose to express your ideas here, we ask that you:

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Moderators ensure the Forums are a welcoming place for all. Moderators may take certain actions to keep the Forums organized and helpful for everyone. Actions taken by moderators are not up for public discussion.

You will notice that the forums are divided into different sections. Here is a guide on what to post where:

Questions is a place to get answers from the community. Post there when you are looking for a specific answer to a specific question. Want to know the best way to store a shake for later? Ask in Questions!

This is a place to get advice and talk about various related topics with the community. Post there if you want to discuss something about nutrition, behavior, exercise, fitness, or health.

Stories / Sharing
This is a place to share a story you think will be helpful to other members of the forum.  Reach a goal? Figure out how to overcome a challenge? Willing to share your story to inspire others?  Share in “Stories!”

Note: The Forums are a public space, and your posts are permanent. Every member is responsible for what they post in the Forums. We don’t hide content by request. If you have a question or concern about a Moderator action, please contact the Forums Team.
We reserve the right to remove any inappropriate content. In addition, we also require that you comply with all other Rainier Medical Policies.

Disclaimer / Policies

This website is not for obtaining medical treatment.  The guidelines are general guidelines and the user acknowledges that an individual has factors that need to be accounted for with personalized medical advice.  Consult with your healthcare provider before beginning any diet, exercise, or weight loss plan. Clients who are participating in the weight loss programs at Rainier Medical acknowledge that the website is an adjunct to, and not a substitute for, individual medical advice. Individual medial advice is obtained in the clinical setting such as an office visit or personal communication.   If there is a discrepancy between the individual medical advice received in the clinical setting and the general guidelines on the website, the individualized advice takes precedence.

Any information shared by a user on the website can be seen by other users of the website and is not protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.