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Check insurance benefits Start your journey here.  The hardest part is taking that first step.  Every day that you carry excess fat, your metabolism is affected.  Contrary to popular belief, fat tissue does not simply sit there.  It is an active organ that secretes chemicals and hormones that prevent fat loss and promote additional weight gain.  The longer that you are overweight, the harder it is to lose the weight.  As soon as you lower your body fat, your metabolism improves so that you are more sensitive to insulin.  While other diet programs can succeed in helping you lose weight, studies show that a significant amount of the weight you lose is muscle.  With medical weight loss and protein sparing programs, science has led to a program which has maximal muscle preservation.  This means that in the end, you will be leaner, tighter, and healthier.  Call or email now to register for your personal consultation or a complimentary information session. 

Use the tools below to assess your current metabolic health and your readiness to begin an active weight loss program.  This is not a casual diet.  This program results in rapid weight loss.   Print and complete the following forms and bring them to your initial appointment.  

Client Forms for weight loss:

What have you got to lose?  Only your excess weight.  And you have so much to gain!



Use these effective tools to calculate your body mass index and waist to hip ratio.  Share your commitment to weight loss on the Diet Readiness Questionnaire.

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