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Metabolic, Bariatric Interventions : Program Overview

Our programs are metabolic and bariatric interventions designed not only for weight loss, but to improve multiple outcomes including:  body composition, metabolic health, physical symptoms,  fitness, and future health events and complications.   Programs are individualized based on your personal health profile and medical history. All programs are comprehensive, long term, and consist of a transition and maintenance program following active weight loss.  We utilize a combination of tools including medical foods, very low calorie diets, ketogenic diets and prescription medications for weight loss.  The medical foods are optional and not available except as part of a supervised medical weight loss program.  They are scientifically formulated to promote fat loss, preserve lean tissue, and control hunger.  They are convenient, can be used “on-the-go”, and many times lower cost than usual food.

Our programs begin with completion of enrollment forms, laboratory blood tests, and a consultation with one of our providers to do an intake visit, ensure expecations are clear on both sides, and begin to gather and organize your file for your individual new start visit.   If you have not had a physical with your PCP in the last year, our providers can provide this service, not including a pelvic exam, or you may return to your PCP for your annual physical.  At your new start provider visit, you will have a limited physical exam and review of your medical history, medications, weight and diet history and an analysis of your current metabolic profile and treatment options suited for your personal health goals.  With joint decison making and as a team, you will select the treatment plan most suited to the balance of your lifestyle, health and goals.   At this visit, your provider will make any needed adjustments to medications, as frequently drugs that treat high blood pressure or diabetes need to be adjusted or stopped.

Throughout your program, Dr. Sutherland and her health care team will partner with you through the 3 phases of weight loss: active phase, transition phase, and maintenance phase.  While in active weight loss, you will be seen weekly.  Your weight, blood pressure, and response to treatment will be assessed.  If you have diabetes, your blood sugar and medications will be monitored closely.  At the start of the program and every 4 weeks, you will have blood tests.  These are all included in the program.

The amount of time in the active weight loss phase depends on you starting weight and your goal weight.  The maintenance phase is the most important phase as weight regain without an organized maintenance plan is so common.  This is why it is essential to use a program where you are confident you will receive long term treatment.   You will be given the tools and empowerment to feel more in control of your weight and the resoures of ongoing treatment to maintain the weight you have lost.   Rest assured that your health is in trained, experienced hands.

Our Programs offer:

  • Ambitious weight loss
  • Medical evaluation for causes of weight gain
  • Medical protocols including a Protein Sparing Modified Fast, or Very Low Calorie Diet
  • Meal Replacement Programs
  • Combined Meal Replacement and Grocery Food Programs
  • Intensive, weekly follow up for accountability and support
  • Nutrition, Behavior, and Exercise programs
  • Metabolic and Fitness testing to individualize your program based on science
  • Treatment for medical conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and obstructive sleep apnea
  • Maintenance Program

Programs: Learn more under our "Programs" tab. Choose a program that is right for you.  The Expeditions and Keto programs require office visits, blood tests and medical supervision, while the Summit and Peak Programs do not.  

Expeditions Alpha: Very Low Calorie Diet

  • Complete meal replacement
  • For those with more than 30 pound to lose
  • Requires medical screening and supervision
  • Weekly in office visits during weekdays

Expeditions Omega: Modified Low Calorie Diet

  • Combined meal replacement and Grocery Food Plan. 
  • 2 meals per day of medical food and one meal per day Grocery Food Plan
  • For those with 10 pounds or more to lose
  • Requires medical screening
  • May attend visits weekly for 8 weeks, then biweekly, of medically appropriate

Summit: Low Calorie Diet

  •  2 grocery food meals per day and 4 nutritional supplements per day
  • Non ketogenic
  • No blood tests of office visits required (optional)


  • Ketogenic Diet 
  • May use Rainier Medical Ketogenic meal replacements for 2 meals per day if more than 20 pounds of weight loss is needed as well 
  • Requires blood work and monthly office visit

Peak Program: Grocery food nutrition plan

  • Mediterranean Pattern Diet focusing on plant based diet with meat coming orm unprocessed sources and avoiding processed foods and refined carbohydrates
  • Maintenance Program for other programs (all paths lead here except Keto)
  • May continue to use medical foods 1-2 times per day
  • Individualized Nutrition Plan with an optional app