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Rainier Medical Weight Loss & Wellness is a fully licensed Internal Medicine practice specializing in Obesity Medicine and offering Functional Medicine and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

There are three options available to get started depending on your level of interest and knowledge of our programs.  To get started, you can: 

  • attend a complimentary seminar.   This is a good choice if you do not know much about our pgrogram or are not sure if you want to participate. These are offered 1-2 times per week.  They are complientary and with no obligation, but space is limited at the seminars, so reserve your spot now by registering online on our events page, emailing the office, or calling.
  •  schedule your New Start Screening.  This is a good choice if you are already familiar with our programs and know you want to participate.  People who choose this route often have a friend, colleague or family member in the program and have witnessed the program and the results.  This is the fastest way to get started.
  • schedule an individual visit with a provider.  This is a good choice if you are not sure if you want to participate but prefer an individual visit to answer your questions.  This is NOT complimentary (as opposed to the complimentary information session).  A $45 deposit is required to schedule.  This will be applied to the cost of a body composition test which will be reviewed at your visit.  The deposit is forfeited if the appointment is not attended. 

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Scheduling an appointment is easy.  You can schedule online anytime, email the office, or call.  All services are provided with the highest level of discretion, professionalism, and promptness.

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