Internal Medicine

Dr. Valerie Sutherland is Board-Certified in Internal Medicine and has practiced over 13 years as an Internist. She is now accepting new patients for a concierge membership.

Dr. Sutherland’s concierge Internal Medicine practice is based on the value of a multi-pronged approach including a pro-active, preventive approach backed by 13 years of experience as an Internist.  Members in this practice will not just have a routine annual physical and then have symptoms managed and medications renewed. The practice is membership-based which includes an individualized, proactive wellness program component designed to address lifestyle components that are so crucial to health.  Individuals who value a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to their health will find this practice to be the best fit. 

Each Internal Medicine patient of Dr. Sutherland will receive, as part of his or her wellness membership: 

  • Baseline and monthly body composition analyses
  • Individualized nutrition plan with desktop and mobile app for implementation, complete with online support for questions
  • Online interactive forum moderated by Dr. Sutherland
  • Email advice and support from Dr. Sutherland, within the limits of medical appropriateness, via MyChart
  • Access to exercise trainers, behavior coaches, medical foods and supplements as needed/recommended (cost not included, may be billed to insurance or FLEX, HSA account)
  • Access to VO2 and resting metabolic rate testing  (cost not included, may be billed to insurance or FLEX, HSA account)

Dr. Sutherland is in a solo, private practice based in University Place with one day per week typically spent in Puyallup.  Evening, holiday and weekend calls are covered by the Multicare Advice Nursing line. She is available online via MyChart for the same day, on-line advice every business day.  


The number of memberships is limited in order to provide individualized care and attention that is the nature of the practice. The first step is to schedule a consultation to discuss health goals and concerns. The current cost of a membership is $250 to enroll and $85 per month, billed automatically.  This fee is for the following services not covered by health insurance: up to weekly body composition analyses (usually $45 each), personalized nutrition plan with software and online support, and online interactive forum for health topics moderated by Dr. Sutherland. There is no contract, but, once canceled, may not be resumed without prior approval. 


Interested in the concierge membership? Please contact us at or call 253-292-1535 option #2.