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We're thrilled you're ready to join. Here is an outline of the out of pocket service fees:

Enrollment Fee SPECIAL: $125 (regular price: $250) (One time fee. No cost to restart in future).

Active Weight Loss Monthly Fee: $85 (recurrent billing until goal weight). Includes:

  • weight loss syllabus designed by Dr. Sutherland to your email inbox on weekly basis for 16 weeks for weight loss essentials
  • individual profile with nutrition program including daily schedule, meal planner, shopping lists and exchange options
  • individualized support via communication with our nutritionist through our very own nutrition app or desktop software
  •  medical support with our medical providers through MyChart on our electronic medical record
  • coaching support through our website 
  • support and advice from other members through our online interactive forum moderated by Dr. Sutherland

Active weight loss transitions to maintenance when goal weight is reached, or sooner if requested if at least 10-15% of body weight has been lost. 

Maintenance Membership: $45 per month for 12 months, then complimentary. Protect your health and investment. Weight regain happens 85% of the time without a maintenance plan. This includes: 

  • all the support for active weight loss
  • a monthly body composition analysis ($45 value)
  • ongoing medical food use privileges up to 2 per day

If weight regain of more than 25% of original weight loss occurs, program will transition back to Active Weight Loss Membership Phase.

Follow these steps to join:

1. Set-up an Account here.

2. Pay your enrollment fee by logging in or creating an account below. This is a one-time fee.

3. Begin your membership. ($85 per month, billed recurring). This includes weekly body compositions during active weight loss, personal nutrition app with online nutrition coaching, and online health coaching.  When you reach your goal weight, your membership will be transitioned to a maintenance membership which includes all the support of the active weight loss PLUS a monthly body composition in the office.  Cost is $45 a monrth for 12 months, then you are a FREE lifetime member. We want to be sure we support you closely so your weight is managed within a small window so you may need to lose 10 pounds a few times again, but not need to lose 80 again, for example!

Congratulations! You are on your way!


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