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Active Weight Loss Program
 You are on this Program when you are in a "ready" state for change. The active weight loss phase is a period of intentional excess weight loss. Regardless of what the details of your plan are, if you are dedicating time and resources to intentional change, at whatever pace or plan is right for you, you are in this phase. You may on a complete meal replacement program, a complete grocery meal program, or a combined program and be in the active weight loss phase. In this phase, you.are measuring and tracking progress, setting goals, holding yourself accountable, and reassessing your program at regular intervals.

Maintenance Program
You are on this Program when your goal is to maintain the progress you have already made.  Because of many factors, weight regain can happen. Take care of your health with a maintenance phase program.  Enter this phase when either you have reached your goal weight or if it is not the right time for a dedicated weight loss phase. This can be a place to "hold" the weight loss phase and not regain weight until the time is right to resume the weight loss phase.

Internal Medicine Program
In this Program, Dr. Sutherland is your primary care provider. This program is open only to current participants in a weight management or wellness program and requires a consultation with Dr. Sutherland to review health goals to ensure goals and expectations for care are a good fit. This is a voluntary physician-patient relationship.


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