Ketoegenic diet plan/ Diabetes lifestyle management plan


Ketogenic Diet Plan/ Diabetes lifestyle Management Plan 


We utilize this program  for a variety of reasons and it does requires full commitment. This program is typically used as an alternative treatment for Type 2 Diabetes with or without weight loss. Candidates should consider beginning with a complete meal replacement program if more than 10% weight loss is needed. Follow with this plan to keep diabetes in control if a low carb approach is not sufficient. We must be able to monitor blood sugar closely and have  follow ups on a daily to weekly basis and long term. The estimated weight loss is typically 5-10% of starting body weight if excess body weight is present. Weekly visits with a provider and  weekly nurse or coach visit for 12 weeks, then every 2 weeks during active weight loss (2 lb per week or more) is required. A baseline EKG, medical history, physical exam, and Baseline blood work will be a required for clients interested in this program.