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1. Schedule your initial consultation by scrolling down and completing the form below: choose a location and preferred days and times, such as Tuesday afternoon. Or, indicate you'll take the next available! Email us or call us if you prefer. The consultation will be held with Dr. Sutherland or a physician assistant, depending on your scheduled preference. The cost of the consultation is billed to your health insurance, if applicable.  We recommend a body composition analysis ($45 value) at your consultation in order to better recommend a treatment program. The body composition shows very detailed information on your lean body mass, body fat mass, body fat percentage, and ideal weight. 

2. Submit your insurance information below. We will verify benefits for you as a courtesy. Insurance is complicated; if you have ANY concerns or questions about coverage, call to speak with one of our insurance specialists. Benefits vary, and we have options!

3. Complete our 4 new forms: enrollment application, client commitment form, informed consent form, and New Patient Demographic and Insurance Informations Form. Please bring these forms to your consultation. The completed application enables us to jumpstart our discussion on your personal information and answer any questions or concerns about the commitment or consent forms. You do not need to sign the commitment and consent forms until you are ready.  We are happy to mail paper copies or email the forms.

Options to submit the 3 forms:

  • Submit them either by email, mail, fax, or drop-off. You can email them as an attachment through our website or securely via MyChart (recommended).
  •  If you are already enrolled in Multicare's Mychart, log in here.  Let us know if you're submitting via MyChart so we can send you a message to which you can reply if you have never seen Dr. Sutherland or been to our office before.
  • If you are not already enrolled in MyChart with Multicare, we encourage you to do so. You can enroll here.

After your consultation and once you're ready to participate in our active weight loss programs, you can follow our easy steps to Join Now.

What have you got to lose?  Only your excess weight.  And you have so much to gain!

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