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Summit Program Modified Low Calorie Diet

Price Options
One-time purchase
2 Weeks Supply
$203.00every week for 2 weeks

Use with one grocery meal (not provided).

6 choices of any combination from:

- smoothie bases

- plant bases

- pasta orzo

- pasta fusili

- hot base



6 choices of any combination from:

- 7 different flavors of smoothie flavor packets (6 individual plus variety)

- 3 pasta flavor packets (tex mex, garlic and herb, lemon and herb

- Soup flavor packets



2 choices from bars or chips (chips come in bundles of 7)




Peanut Butter Cup Protein Bar
Chocolate Vanilla Bar
Toffee Peanut Butter Pretzel
Peanut Butter Cup Keto Bar
Creamy Chocolate Keto Bar
Raspberry Pomegranate Bar
Chocolate Pistachio Bar
Chocolate Hazelnut Bar
Cinnamon Crunch Bar
Coconut Crunch Bar
Choc-A-Lot Chip Protein Bars
Nutty Caramel Crunch Bar
Caramel Nut Protein Bar
Fluffy Vanilla Crisp Protein Bar
Fluffy Nutter Protein Bar
Salted Toffee Pretzel Bar
Very Low Calorie Chocolate Crisp Protein Bar (Box of7)
Zesty Lemon Very Low Calorie Protein Bar (Box of 7)
Strawberry Shortcake Very Low Calorie Protein Bar
Protein Bar Variety Pack (7 Bars)




Sour Cream & Fine Herb Zipper Snacks
Ranch Proti Chips
Spicy Nacho Cheese Proti Chips
Dill Pickle Protein Chips (14 G protein per single bag)
Salt & Vinegar Protein Chips (14 G protein per Single Bag)
BBQ Protein Chips (14 G protein per single Bag)


Soup options

Variety Pack
Cheddar Broccoli
Farmhouse Chicken
Creamy Tomato

  • Subscription Policy

    Ships on Wednesdays. Must be
    cancelled by Monday at 8 am.

    We will just ship it the next week if after the cutoff.

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