Val, Monica, mark, and my life coach especially were very helpful I've lost almost 100 pounds since starting the program the steps I took were life changing I owe a lot to these people they literally saved my life I was 25 years old pushing 300 pounds very unhealthy and extremely over weight and they helped me regain all my confidence and helped me down the path to healthier more joyful life thank you guys soooooooooooooo much it's the best decision of you try this program you'll ever make!

Hi Dr. Sutherland & Staff,

I haven’t been in to see you all for a while, but I will be coming back in for a check in soon.  I wanted to share with you the results of your guidance on my life.  I have managed to keep within 5 lbs. of my goal weight for over 14 months.  Maintenance is still a bit of a struggle for me.  However, I just had a full physical and my cholesterol, blood pressure and all of my blood work is good.  When I signed up for your program, I was borderline hypertensive and my cholesterol was borderline needing medications.    Additionally, two years ago I was showing some bone loss in my hips at my last bone density test.  I just had a bone density test this week and I am showing bone gain, which I did not even know was possible.  Before I started your program I had had bursitis in both hips, plus plantar faciitis in one foot.  I attribute the changes to following your program and guidance.  Also in the past my gums would always bleed when I had my teeth cleaned.  I have been getting really good reviews from the dentist and no more bleeding.  Again I attribute this to both the exercise and the diet program.

Anyway I am thrilled and wanted to send a note of appreciation to you, Dr. Sutherland, and your staff.  If I was closer, I would be there more often.  My husband’s Parkinson’s has progressed, so that his care is requiring more of my time.  I am hiring some help, but that has to be managed.  I just wanted to say “Thank you, thank you, thank you”

I work for Multicare and the photo on the bottom left has me in it. I'm in the teal scrubs. This picture was taken exactly on the first day that I started the program here. And this picture keeps popping up throughout multicare. First on the front of the multicare website and now on the 2016 Multicare calendar. I feel like it's a sign to me and a constant reminder never to go back to that body. I'm 14 weeks in and 40lbs down. Thank you Rainier Medical!

Danellyn, 40 lbs lost!

I have been waiting to rave about Dr. Sutherland and her down right fabulous team at Rainier Medical Weight Loss and Wellness, but it feels like the right time. I had over 75 lbs to lose when I last saw Dr. Sutherland at her Multicare office before she ventured out on her own, and thank goodness she did. I knew I had 2 months from the time she left, until I could see her when the doors of her private practice opened on June 1st. That alone was enough to motivate me to completely cut out alcohol and any and all splurges in my eating. I lost 15 lbs just by doing that. Once I met with Dr. Sutherland and her team and started her medical weight loss plan on June 5th, the weight literally just began to fall off. I will never say it was easy, it wasn't. It was hard, and I have definitely worked really, really hard at it. I haven't been perfect, but I am still sticking to my guns. My blood pressure has gone from a scary 160/100 to 140/80 and my basal metabolic rate has dropped by about 400 calories per day. I lost 7 inches off my waist and 3 off my hips in 5 weeks. I am down a total of 41 lbs. I feel great. I sleep great. My energy is abundant and my outlook is awesome. I feel positive and am planning things like hiking and biking and such, which I would never have done before. I have 3 English Mastiffs and I can now run with my puppy and he gets tired before I do!! I am working towards my first 5K ever, wow, never thought I would write that statement!! I was depressed, and I avoided mirrors at all costs. Everyone at Rainier Medical Weight Loss and Wellness is just incredible, and I couldn't give a higher recommendation. I always, always feel heard, and understood and supported in every way. Thank you so much for giving me my life back!!! I am so excited to see how I will feel after that last 30 lbs is gone FOREVER!!


I entered Rainier Medical Weight loss and Wellness Center to schedule an appointment for a facial and overheard the excitement of women discussing their weight loss success.   I stayed for an orientation that changed my health in ways I never expected.  After meeting with Dr. Sutherland, who explained the steps and process of the program: weekly appointments, which included, health monitoring, meal replacements, charting and support services, the journey began.  Within the first week, I lost six pounds, but this program isn’t simply about weight loss, it’s an overall change in health and habits.  I’m a 55 year old women with congestive heart failure, insomnia, addiction to Pepsi and coffee- I have been taking over the counter sleep aids for nearly 10 years.   As stated, within the first week I lost six pounds, stopped drinking coffee, Pepsi (wasn’t included on the program) and sleep aids.  I continue my Saturday mornings at Starbucks, but order hot water, tip the barista, relax in a corner and read.  The reaction from my husband, friends, family and coworkers has been a great motivator and support system.    Additionally, Rainier Medical Center has a compassionate support team, weekly support groups that include resources, such as exercise demonstrations, weekly walking groups and guest speakers.   I joined a local neighborhood women’s fitness center, which is a small, supportive collection of women who have enhanced my experience and are in-line with the programs recommendations.  At first, the program wasn’t easy-it hit a plateau, inflamed muscles, and struggled through the holidays.  The Rainier Medical team addressed each concern, which included Dr. Sutherland quickly treating Bursitis (inflamed bursa).  In four months the program has become a way of life-I’m within a few pounds of reaching my goal!!   I was raised in a culture where large meals; fried and fatty foods are part of our culture.  As the year comes to an end, I’m feeling better, stronger and healthier than I have in years.  For the first time in years, my New Year’s Resolution isn’t to lose weight, but to maintain my weight and continue on the same journey.   Thank you Dr. Sutherland and the team at Rainier Medical Wellness Center.  Sincerely,  Anne 

Anne, University Place, WA

I have been in this program since the end of August and have been gradually shedding pounds each week. I'm VERY close to my goal weight now but am also building muscle and improving my health. I love shopping for new clothes and most importantly, I am healthier and feel great! I am very thankful for Dr. Sutherland and all her team for what they are doing to improve our health without the use of medication, but simply by shedding the weight, building strength and learning how to live healthier!

Laurie, Building muscle and wearing new clothes!

Thank you Dr. Sutherland and Rainier Medical team! Starting the program has been life changing. At 44 with a resting heart rate in the 90s I knew I needed to ...address my weight. I came to the realization that if I didn't make a change I was at a higher risk to stroke in my 50s or 60s. As a mom of four beautiful children, I realized loosing weight was no longer about vanity, but about longevity and quality of life. My full-time job (55+ hours a week), husband, and four children could no longer be my excuse for not taking care of myself. On June 3rd I joined the program. I was scared and not excited to be heading into summer on a meal plan. On July 1st, just one month later, I had lost a little over 22 pounds. More exciting than the scale, were my body composition results. I had lost 27 pounds of body fat, added lean muscle mass, and increased my Basal Metabolic rate! Most importantly, I lowered my resting heart rate by 20 beats per minute and returned to normal blood pressure!!!!! In one month I dropped down a category on the BMI chart!!! Additional benefits I am experiencing include getting up and not having my knees and hips hurt. I require less sleep, wake up with more energy and my husband says I don't snore anymore. I've got another 30 pounds to go. I can't imagine how awesome I am going to feel. It doesn't have to be down hill from 40. I am confident with the support from the Rainier Medical team that I will achieve my goal and radically improve my health and quality of life. If you need to get healthy and shedding some weight is part of that, I would encourage you to make an appointment. It will be one of the best decisions of your life.

Maryn, Tacoma, WA

"Dr. Sutherland and her team are amazing and help so much in reaching your weight and health goals. I started my program in June and since then I have gone down 4 and very close to 5 dress sizes. My blood pressure has gone down to 110/80. I did not think that was possible. I feel great and I am so thankful for Rainier Medical."  October 7, 2015

Lisa, University Place, WA