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Meal Replacements

Meal replacement shakes, puddings, soups and bars provide structured nutrition with predictable results. Many studies show enhanced weight loss results while using meal replacements. We offer meal replacements that are medical grade, high quality products that are dependable in quality. Read below for more information on each product line. Then, choose your flavor and get started! 

Satisfying Meal Plans

Full Plan: A meal plan comprised of our Meal Starters and Convenience Packs! This plan typically provides the best weight loss results because we have eliminated the variability of portion sizes. It is also the most convenient plan for those with busy schedules! Your plan will include delicious and convenient smoothies, soups, bars, pasta, crunchy snacks and more!

Order 5 items per day and follow this booklet.  


Partial PlanA combination of Meal Replacements and fresh grocery ingredients provide flexibility and versatility! This plan is ideal for individuals looking to prepare one meal per day in the kitchen! We will provide you with the tools to succeed including a cookbook.

Order 4 items per day and follow this booklet. 



Ordering Tips:

Step 1: Decide how many week’s worth of food you are ordering. I recommend keeping an 3-7 days of food on hand in case of unforeseen circumstances. 


Step 2: Think of your daily plan. How many smoothies, soups, bars, eggs or chips are in your plan?


Step 3: Select your meal replacements. The smoothies and soups are meal replacements. The Expeditions Full Plan requires 4 meal replacements per day. The Summit Partial Plan requires 3 meal replacements per day. One smoothie per day can be replaced with a soup, if you prefer.  Choose 3-4 boxes of Smoothie Base and 0-1 boxes of Hot Base for one week’s worth of food, and 6-8 boxes of Smoothie Base for 2 weeks of food and 0-2 boxes of Hot Base for 2 weeks’ worth. 


Step 4: Select your snacks.  The snack options are bars, chips, wafers, rusk bread or puddings. The bars and puddings are 7 per box, so select one box per week. The chips are sold separately. The wafers and bread contain only 6 per box. 


Step 5: Select your Daily Enhancers. The protein supplement drinks can be added to your program. They are helpful in the following circumstances: flavoring water, after aa workout, during a long day, during a hike or active day, or to have if you have hunger or a craving. 


Step 6:  Select you supplement. Essential fatty acid supplements are recommended while consuming 800 kilocalories or less. We offer a recommended brand. One bottle lasts 3 days. The serving size is 2 capsules twice daily. 

Please order your food on the website and follow the payment link. Thank you!

Flex spending cards are usually accepted. Plan policies apply. 

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