Healthtrac App

Use this to track your food, body composition, how you feel, and message us in HIPAA secure app. Username and password must be supplied by Program Director upon enrollment. By Set Point Health.

Body Composition Scale

Set up your home scale and sync it with your Healthtrac app. Return RPM consent to get your scale. 

Meal Plan Guides

Full Plan: 800 kcal starting plan for people with 30 lb or more  to lose.


Partial Plan: 1000 kcal phase 2 or modified plan for people who need or want a grocery meal. 

InBody App

Get your body composition results sent to your phone so you have your history to track your progress. This replaces individual printed reports. 

 Ordering Tips

Choose starter packs for 7 days of perfectly selected days of a variety of smoothies, soups, pastas, and bars,


Customize your order by choosing 4 meal replacements and 1 snack per day per week. Remember to order the base and flavor packet for meals. 

ADD a protein drink for fun!