Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

Founder of Northwest Health Services, Deanna Mehlhoff, ARNP, FNP-BC is a life-long resident of the Pacific Northwest. Deanna grew up on Lake Tapps, went to college for her Registered Nurse in Washington and went on to graduate school for Nurse Practitioner in Boston, MA.  As a registered nurse she spent years caring for patients in critical care, the tail end of the disease process. It was this point in her career she knew preventative medicine was key and set in motion her Family Nurse Practitioner education.
While in school Deanna spent 18 months researching Metabolic Syndrome in first responders. This passion was rooted from being the wife of a law enforcement officer.  Systematic reviews show first responders are dying three times faster from sudden cardiac arrest than other professions, only living 7.2 years past retirement and more susceptible to comorbidities such as diabetes and heart disease due to Metabolic Syndrome; a direct correlation with stress of their jobs. Research shows the main fix to treating Metabolic Syndrome is weight loss. This is where the magic of Northwest Health Services and Rainier Medical Weight Loss and Wellness begins.  
The established success of Rainier Medical Weight Loss and Wellness combined with the Metabolic Specialty of Northwest Health Services is the premiere center for a healthy future. Deanna Mehlhoff, ARNP, FNP-BC is taking referrals from primary care providers to manage Medical Weight Loss and Metabolic Syndrome.  Make your appointment today at Rainier Medical Weight Loss and Wellness.

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