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Dr. Sutherland offers treatments and procedures carefully selected for their highly desirable outcomes with your utmost safety and comfort in mind.  Think about what is important to you and what you want for yourself. All procedures are performed by Dr. Sutherland personally. Special packages offered to clients of the weight management or concierge programs. 

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Body Sculpting by truSculpt ID

We offer treatments with the truSculpt ID radio frequency device by Cutera. With one fifteen minute treatment, fat thickness is reduced by an average of 24% and skin is tightened. This can be done under the chin as well as anywhere on the body.   

Submental Tightening

Submental fullness is permanently reduced and the skin is tightened with two, fifteen minute treatments. This offers a non-surgical alternative with no downtime for candidates with good skin tone. This procedure uses the truSculpt ID device by Cutera.  


Radiofrequency Microneedling

We offer radio frequency microneedling to stimulate and remodel collagen. This takes microneedling to new depths and combines the energy of radio frequency delivered into the skin. By delivering radio frequency at the depth, intensity, and duration customized for you, this procedure is versatile for a variety of skin issues including general aging, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, photoaging and striae (stretch marks).  This procedure uses the Secret RF device by Cutera. 

Laser Genesis
Laser Genesis 

Laser Genesis is a popular, year-round, no downtime skin rejuvenation procedure. 

Intense Pulse Light Photofacial

Laser Genesis is the popular, year-round skin rejuvenation procedure using the Nd Yag laser appropriate for all skin types. 


Juliet Feminine Health

This laser procedure addresses symptoms of vaginal atrophy and vaginal relaxation syndrome. This may be a non-hormonal, no-surgical option for symptoms of urinary urgency or incontinence, discomfort with intercourse, or urinary tract infections. This uses the Juliet device by Cutera. 

Laser Vein Treatment
Visible vascular lesions including spider veins and telagniectasias are targeted using the NdYag laser using the Xeo device by Cutera.  

Laser Hair Removal

For those desiring laser hair removal, we offer two options using the Cutera Xeo device: the NdYag and the ProWave option, depending on UV exposure and skin type using the Xeo device by Cutera.  

Intense Pulse Light PhotoFacial

The Intense Pulse Laser is a way to improve the color and texture of your skin without any peeling or downtime. This treatment especially targets the visible damage caused by sun exposure, typically manifested by darker spots on your face, neck, hands, or chest or melasma. This uses the Xeo device by Cutera. Resurfacing can also be done using the Juliet device by Cutera and the Microspot Handpiece. 


Facial Injectables

Whether you would like to address fine lines and wrinkles with neurotoxin, or lift and restore volume with dermal fillers and a liquid face lift.  Dr. Sutherland will carefully customize your treatment for the results you desire, with transparent expectations. She practices the art of injection and never overfills. 


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