Fitness Center NOW OPEN and Scheduling Complimentary Individual Assessments!

Rainier Medical Health & Fitness is NOW OPEN!  We have brand new facilities and equipment and 5 amazing trainers.  The programs and services are available as "stand alone" or as part of a program at Rainier Medical Weight Loss & Wellness.  So,... Read More »


DEBATE: PLANT BASED vs MEAT BASED DIET Last week at the Obesity Week 2018 conference, two expert nutritionists debated the question: which is better, plant based or meat based diet. Pro Meat: Wayne Campbell, Ph.D. Purdue University “There is no such thing as a “semi-vegetarian.”... Read More »

Are you "metabolically healthy"? New research from Obesity Week, 2018.

Your new secret goal: achieving metabolic health You are doing your best. You make time to exercise a few days a week. Maybe you are especially dedicated to the weekly ritual of Saturday morning bootcamp or a long hike on Sunday. You always... Read More »

Dr. Sutherland presents her research at Obesity Week 2018 in Nashville!

Every year bariatric physicians from all over the world converge to discuss cutting edge techniques and medical research related to all aspects of bariatric medicine. The conference is known as Obesity Week and in 2018 the meeting was held in Nashville, TN. This year... Read More »

Prehab- Prevent Injuries with Targeted Training

Prehabilitation (prehab) is a term that is unfamiliar to most, including many in the medical field.  It is a relatively new concept of performing strength and conditioning exercises prior to an expected surgery.  Multiple studies have proven benefit with exercise prior to... Read More »

What "Should" You Weight- Look to the Measuring Tape, Not the Scale!

As we all know, weight is not the only health indicator and can be misleading.  However, at Rainier Medical, we go far beyond the scale, and look at weight distribution, body composition, metabolic health, fitness, quality of nutrition, and more. One of... Read More »

The Halo Effect of Exercise : The Antidote to Sugar Addiction?

      Why is it that we eat right when we are in an exercise routine and then if that routine is interrupted (usually due to an injury or work schedule), then our “diet” goes out the window soon after?  This... Read More »

Body Mass Index After Menopause - Fact or Fallacy?

Measuring Weight After Menopause : Is it the Right Number?          During and after menopause, many women note changes in their metabolism, fat distribution, and body shape.  Typically, the changes involve increasing weight and body fat, increased abdominal circumference, and a... Read More »

The New Blood Pressure Guidelines: The Lower the Better?

What are the new hypertension guidelines and what do they mean for you? Read More »

My Six Best Portion Control Hacks

As a member of the Rainier Medical Weight Loss community, you are being bombarded with awesome and complicated advice about how best to manage your weight, your medical problems, your medications, etc, etc. All great stuff and it will work, trust me.... Read More »