Race Report: Ironman 70.3 Santa Rosa

Dr. Sutherland started, bled, went to failure, at the Ironman 70,3. Read about the race and what she learned from it. Read More »

Daily Dose of Hope: "How much weight should I lose?"

"Why does my weight always seem to get stuck at a certain weight and go back up so easily? How much weight should I try lose?" Don't start a weight loss program without watching this video on weight set points.  Read More »

Daily Dose of Hope: "What causes my weight set-point?"

"What causes my weight set-point? Can I do anything about it?" We covered the concept of a weight set point and how you can view your weight loss goals and your current weight in comparison. Now, start to look at what causes... Read More »

The Price of Obesity

by Valerie Sutherland, MD (The following is a condensed version of a lecture Dr. Sutherland gave recently on the economic implications of obesity.) Nearly 40% of Americans have the disease of overweight/obesity (a body mass index (BMI) over 30. Obesity is not a lack... Read More »

The Power of Focus

The Power of Focus Multitasking… We all do it... Running through the day from the moment we awaken until we hit the pillow that night. Making breakfast, getting the kids off to school, juggling 3 tasks at work while on social media, taking... Read More »

Misconceptions of exercise and weight loss

Myth #1:  Being active is the same as exercise A common phrase heard by those of us who work in weight loss and obesity medicine is “I exercise all the time, I don’t know why I’m not losing weight.”  When asked to describe... Read More »

Robard Corporation Welcomes Valerie Sutherland, MD, to New Direction Medical Advisory Panel

Robard is excited to announce a new member to our New Direction Medical Advisory Panel – Dr. Valerie Sutherland, founder, CEO and CMO of Rainier Medical Weight Loss and Wellness in Tacoma, Washington! Read More »

Fitness Center NOW OPEN and Scheduling Complimentary Individual Assessments!

Rainier Medical Health & Fitness is NOW OPEN!  We have brand new facilities and equipment and 5 amazing trainers.  The programs and services are available as "stand alone" or as part of a program at Rainier Medical Weight Loss & Wellness.  So,... Read More »


DEBATE: PLANT BASED vs MEAT BASED DIET Last week at the Obesity Week 2018 conference, two expert nutritionists debated the question: which is better, plant based or meat based diet. Pro Meat: Wayne Campbell, Ph.D. Purdue University “There is no such thing as a “semi-vegetarian.”... Read More »