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M.A.R. Program

Rainier Medical is not just a weight loss plan, it is a health and wellness program for life. We are confident in the results from our 12 week intensive weight loss program, and we are educated and trained on the physiology of weight recurrence. That is why every weight loss program is followed by the MAR program, to support and guide you through the normal trials and tribulations of life and health. Because, while it is okay if it happens, we hope that you never need to do our weight loss program again. 

MAR Program

The MAR program is designed for anyone who has ever done a program at Rainier Medical. It is excellent to transition and maintain if you are just completing weight loss, it is also excellent if you have completed the weight loss phase in the past but have regained some of your weight, or if are familiar with the program and have had weight recurrence and would like to do a remote weight loss program but with accountability, medical supervision and guidance.

In the MAR Program, you will receive a body weight scale for your home equipped with bluetooth technology that transmits your home weight into your program profile at our clinic that you used for your weight loss program. You are responsible for stepping the scale at least 16 times per month and we are responsible for reviewing your data, analyzing it, sending you weekly feedback and reports on your personalized information, as well as support and resources and engaging to the level appropriate for the circumstances. Additional tools available include meal plans, calorie and macronutrient monitoring, video E-learning, and support forums. The cost of the equipment, services and program can be billed through most health insurance, if you prefer. We can check your benefits or provide you with codes to check with your insurance. 

Studies show that weight recurrence happens with most medical weight loss and about half of surgical weight oss. We can change those statistics. Let's be proactive. Enroll in the MAR program today. 


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