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Direct Order Meal Replacements

Order meal replacements and bars to be shipped directly to your home. Shipping is a flat rate fee of $9 plus tax. Click below to be taken to the online order form. Select your desired flavors from the categories of classic, all natural, or advanced formulations. Add on bars for convenience and variety. Once you place your order, you will receive a separate email with an invoice. Once it is paid, your order will be submitted to the manufacturer and your items will be shipped via UPS ground. Shipping information arrives in your email with the header "820Direct".  Please allow about 7-10 days for deliver. We recommend ordering at least a two week supply. 

  It is well documented that weight regain can occur after a significant weight loss due to complex physiologic factors known as metabolic adaptation including a lowered metabolic rate and increased hunger and cravings. We encourage patients to continue to replace one meal and one snack per day as part of a maintenance program.    

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