Covid 19 & Obesity - Shining a Light & Shifting the Paradigm

This week’s blog is highlighting the paradigm change that is happening now due to the lessons learned from the intensity of this pandemic as it relates to obesity. I believe we are at a turning point where awareness of the need to address one’s underlying intrinsic health, and not just managing chronic disease, has confronted us. Unfortunately, we are learning that healthcare is not always available and/or successful, and reversing chronic disease is more important than ever. Fortunately, the human body has incredible power to heal, and the reason I have devoted my life to treating obesity is that it is so impactful at changing the underlying health status of an individual.

Covid-19 has thrown obesity into the spotlight for the systemic effects it has throughout the body on multiple organ systems and physiologic processes including the cardiopulmonary and immune systems especially. It has magnified, amplified, and accelerated the insidious effects obesity has had on the health of Americans for decades as it has shortened life spans and contributed to epidemics of chronic disease, chronic pain, and shortened life spans.

While these things are blatantly measurable due to the intensity of the pandemic, they translate to many other chronic inflammatory disease such as asthma, atherosclerosis, inflammatory arthritis, and other diseases that are balanced by a health immune system, such as cancer.

The data shows that adults with BMI 30-35 are 5 times more likely to be admitted to the ICU and 2 times more likely to experience respiratory failure than those without obesity. The incremental increase in risk is especially true in young people who may not already have other conditions.

By now, this is not likely to be new information to anyone reading this, but my hope is that this will shift the paradigm to addressing overweight/obesity as the complex condition that it is, on an individualized basis, in a comprehensive fashion, in a longitudinal manner over time. My hope is that our society in general and all its components, in general, will take action to address the epidemic of obesity now that the pandemic of Covid 19 has demonstrated in an undeniable way what was happening insidiously for years.

For my part, I am privileged to work individually with anyone ready to invest in their own personal health. Follow the link on “The truth about weight.” for more information on how excess weight can affect health, and if you'd like an appointment with me, it would be a privilege.

Let's shift from healthcare to health, period.

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