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I can't eat carbs; they told me fat was bad, So what DO I eat?

Maybe you have noticed that there has been a movement from the old adage of a low-fat diet to a low carb diet. Most people who come to me have tried some version of a “keto” diet. I am concerned because when I take the dietary history from many people, there is a high prevalence of foods that are associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease. This means that while their weight may be coming down, their risk of cardiovascular disease may be going up. Yes, you heard me right, you can lose weight and potentially not have your risk of the most common cause of death go down. That is called an association, not a causal relationship. Eating for weight control and eating for cardiovascular disease prevention are not necessarily the same thing. We want to find that sweet spot (pun intended) that both controls weight and has been shown to reduce cardiovascular disease risk. So, what is it? What is the best nutritional pattern to follow once you reach your goal weight and have completed the medical protocol portion of your weight loss phase of your program? Well, I wish there were a simple answer, and maybe there is, but do not skip to the bottom of this blog!

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