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Weight Loss Medication: When, Why & Which One?

Taking a medication for weight management is not nearly as simple as it may sound.  This is illustrated by the vast number of people who have taken a medication for weight loss and have been disappointed by the results and the fact that the most commonly used one today (phentermine) has been approved since 1959 and yet the epidemic of obesity is still increasing and only approximately 1-2% of people with the disease is receiving treatment. Pharmacotherapy (FDA approved medications) for weight management are an important tool, but they must be selected and used appropriately and as part of a comprehensive approach, or the outcome is typically not what the individual had expected.  Today’s blog is a very brief survey of when and why a medication may be used and what is currently available. This is only to be used as a place to start a conversation with a physician and not to be taken as medical advice, of course, as individual circumstances and health conditions vary. 

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