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Hope & Faith for a New Start

When we are young, everything is a “first”. Every event, experience, holiday, and new person seems fresh and new. The possibilities seem endless. When we get older, we can feel like much of life is determined, routine, or inevitable. Is this why the thought of a “New Start” seems so magical? Is it silly to make a New Year’s Resolution, or is it the sign of hope and faith for positive change for yourself? How can you convert these feelings into meaningful change? 

For many, self-care has many meanings, motivations and implications. But, we can all agree that it is hard, and it is important. In today’s blog, we offer a plan and support for your 2024 health journey. But first, let’s look at some framework for success. 

Establish a “Peak.”

A “peak” is a moment of elevated intensity, typically jor or accomplishment. It is a moment that brings meaning to the hard work you put into your goal. When you reach your peak, you will know you have succeeded at your goal. Set a peak benchmark or event that is a challenge, but also reachable. For example, sign up for a 5K in about 3 months and start the “Couch to 5K” program.

Establish accountability.

Many people voice that they are lacking motivation, and wonder how to get it back. Motivation is fleeting and transient, so establish a system for accountability instead. Accountability means you are not “perfect,” but you are responsible for your actions. This may mean that you have a workout buddy, step on the scale every other day, or meet with your coach weekly. Even if you have not followed your program, you still show up and take accountability and responsibility. That is the success that will lead you to your goal.

Focus on the big picture. 

Resolutions tend to be very specific and prescriptive. Instead, focus on making healthier lifestyle trends. Instead of saying “no social media,”, say, less average screen time per week. Remember, it is progress, not perfection, over time, that leads to meaningful change. 

Keep it positive. 

ALWAYS keep your self talk and feedback positive. There is always a way to frame things in the positive, even if it is just learning what you do not want to happen again. Overwhelmingly, it is the positive messages that keep us going. Perhaps a good resolution is to cleanse your micro-environment of negativity?

We specialize in helping people reach and maintain a healthier weight, which naturally requires a significant commitment to long term lifestyle change. Interestingly, I have found over working with people on this over the last 9 years that the process of effective change typically requires a holistic process in which everything connected to one’s routines is revamped. It is like the “butterfly wings” effect. Change one thing in your life, and it can affect many things. So, it is not just about diet or exercise, or activity. When done fully, honestly, and authentically, no two journeys are the same and no corner goes unexamined. That is why a comprehensive approach is crucial. To get started, I have composed a “Quick Start Guide” which gives you a step by step process for accountability and motivating results within weeks, as well as a link for all our resources to support you in the change you seek. 

Rainier Medical New Year Quick Start Guide

  1. Set an attainable goal weight that you can achieve in 3-4 months. Be honest with yourself. A 10% weight loss from your starting weight is a ballpark guide. 

  2. Come in for an Inbody analysis. 

  3. Choose a plan that is expected to reach your goals. We offer the Expeditions Full Meal Replacement Plan or the Summit Partial Meal Replacement Plan or the Peak Grocery Meal Plan. See below for links. 

  4. Prepare your food for the week for the plan you choose. When you meal prep, you only need to decide once what you are going to eat, not 3- 4 times a day. 

  5. Schedule accountability visits for InBody follow up visits. These should be at least twice a month, and weekly for an intensive program or to get momentum going. 

  6. Schedule a medical appointment if you need any guidance, support, or medication. It is normal to need this. 

  7. Read our weekly resource guides, and refer back anytime. 

To help you create your New Year’s vision, goals, and plan, we have tools to get started below, followed by a full 16 week program under the "Resources" tab. Contact us for your "Fresh Start" InBody or medical food order. Let's get this journey going.

Take Back Your Hope and Faith,

Valerie Hope-Slocum Sutherland, MD and Melanie Faith Saulsbury

Megan Larson, Lissadell Sutherland

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