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Week 11: Transitioning to Maintenance

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Congratulations! You are on week eleven! Keep in mind that while these blogs are written for a 12 week program, the length of your program may be shorter or longer than 12 weeks, and the blogs are applicable throughout the maintenance phase as well. The steps and progression are more important than the actual timeframe, since people are losing different amounts of weight, lose weight at different rates, and may need to take breaks during the weight loss phase or come back and lose weight again. These are all normal things in managing the chronic disease of excess weight over a lifelong period of time. Today, we will focus on how to address the transition from weight loss to weight maintenance as you near your maintenance weight. This is a process that many people say they had wished they were more deliberate and thoughtful about, in hindsight, if they experienced weight regain shortly after reaching their goal weight.

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