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Week 12: Maintenance

Congratulations! You have finished your sprint and you and it is time to settle in for the endurance portion of this journey. I wish I could say that you have finished your journey and arrived at your destination, but, like many things in life, weight and health management takes ongoing time and attention. Think of it as a very special garden. Year in and year out, as seasons change, it takes tools, processes, and work to keep the weeds from strangling what you have sowed. Remember also that cycles are normal, like the changing of the seasons. And, if you every get bogged down under the weeds, remember that, like Bette Midler says, that seed of health is always there for you to nurture. Let’s see what the program is for Maintenance and what the studies show is most likely to prevent weight regain. Remember, statistically, 85% of people experience weight regain. Forewarned is forearmed. Don’t be a statistic. You may need either medical meal replacements, anti obesity medication(s), bariatric surgery, a structured nutrition plan of your choice, and/or an hour of exercise a day to prevent weight regain after losing 15 to 20% of your body weight, especially if you are older, have chronic medical conditions, or take medications that are “weight positive” or promote weight gain. Together, we can stop weight cycling.

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