Innovation & Compassion: Introducing My New Program

I am thrilled to introduce our new program this week! I heartily endorse this program from a medical standpoint for several reasons which I will explain below. It also offers advancements in technology hastened by the pandemic which make it sustainable long term from your own home. Now, more than ever, people recognize the importance of improving their underlying health status and not just managing chronic illnesses with medications. Covid-19 has shown us that overweight and obesity alters the body’s immune system and ability to defend itself. This has also previously been shown in cancer rates and many other chronic diseases. The difference in our treatment programs compared to usual medical care is the goal of achieving remission of chronic disease and not just management.

Advancements in Technology

Remote Patient Monitoring

In Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), we identify health goals that would benefit from a health intervention and lifestyle program. We then supply you with a piece of equipment such as a body composition scale, blood pressure monitor, and/or blood sugar monitor equipped with Bluetooth technology which syncs to my practice’s HIPAA compliant private app. You step on the scale at home and it transmits your body composition to us wirelessly. Then, we work together over the month communicating over the secure app working on barriers, challenges, and steps on your personal health journey. This improves our ability to work together on an ongoing basis in real time as opposed to episodic visits after the fact. (Cost for the supply of the equipment and the remote monitoring and communication may be billed to insurance.)

HealthTrac App

We are proud to incorporate the new HealthTrac App. This app offers multiple advantages over our prior app as follows:

- Color coded daily personal assessment for tracking trends instead of emphasis on food diary

- Recipes

- Resources

- Assigned personal meal plan for each phase of weight loss and weight maintenance

- Virtual video visits with Dr. Sutherland or Coach Melanie.


For our patients, we have an E-store to order any needed health monitoring equipment and supplies to be shipped directly to your home. Coach Melanie can also place orders or guide you through the process.

Advancements in Nutrition Program

Inclusion of Registered Dietitian Resources

In this program, we have a myriad of resources by registered dietitians, some of whom actually trained with the physician who wrote the Diabetes Prevention Program, the pivotal study on preventing Type 2 Diabetes through lifestyle. These resources include not only recipes, but videos demonstrating the preparation and actual cooking of these recipes, because following a recipe is not that easy for some of us (myself included!). So, it is like getting a registered dietitian also! For example, we have a "Turkey Trot" meal plan for the week of Thanksgiving and a "Cleanse" for the week after!

Improved Variety of Food Options

While this program still offers simple shakes only for people who prefer them, it also offers an 800 calorie program which includes pastas and soups from Day 1. The ingredients are as “clean” as possible and vegan options are available. There are breads, cereals, wafers, and many “solid” options.

Starter Packs

Simple is best when getting started. The new program offers a “Starter Pack” which includes 7 individually packed boxes labelled Day 1 through Day 7. Each box contains everything you need for each day for a complete meal program. In the starter pack, you will be able to try all the flavors and types of foods before you then select your favorites to individualize your order. You have enough to worry about, let’s keep this simple to start.

Improved Maintenance Food Options

The maintenance phase can be the most difficult. Burnout on shakes alone for more than breakfast can be challenging. Additionally, many people are aware of the benefits of a plant based diet and are working to minimize meat in their diet. Finding a maintenance diet that mimics the protein content without basing it on meat can be challenging. In this program, there are “meal starter” packets that contain protein along with delicious recipes using plant “superfoods” that result in Mediterranean diet foods with the macronutrient profile that is conducive to keeping the weight off. These recipes and videos to follow them are all available readily on the app and website.

Same Medical Expertise, Monitoring, Guidance, and Program Individualization

I am pleased to be working closer with registered dietitians, to have improved offerings with recipes and videos, and to be able to offer a plant based maintenance diet and remote patient monitoring so we can work together more closely.

I will be offering the same medical monitoring of blood work, prescription medications, comprehensive health evaluations, and treatment of chronic conditions such as dyslipidemia, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, hypertension, prediabetes, metabolic syndrome, GERD, menopause, or other symptoms. I recommend that we maintain a long term physician-patient relationship due to the chronic nature of metabolic conditions, whether it be in the capacity as your primary care physician or as a specialist like you would see an endocrinologist. Lab orders and prescriptions can be placed electronically. In office visits are recommended for new patients and as clinically needed or preferred.

I am continuously grateful for the privilege of working with each and every individual. I take the trust placed in me with the utmost responsibility. I pledge ongoing commitment to offering South Sound care.


Valerie Sutherland, MD

Would you like to schedule a consultation? Email our Program Director at or call at (253) 319-3339 or submit a contact form. We accept most health insurance plans, including Medicare, as well as Flex spending.

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