New Year, New Opportunity

New Year’s Day is a day of excitement for the future. There are many different traditions in different cultures and even different days on which New Year’s is celebrated. But, the sentiment is the same: we are all here and now and we have our future ahead of us. We have hope and aspirations for the best future possible. New Year’s resolutions, while sometimes getting a bad wrap, are based on the honorable desire to make a change for the better. How can that not be good? Rather than a trendy resolution, I am going to take this important time to drill down on the framework of the Rainier Medical 12 week weight loss program and lay it out, week by week, in a way that is easy to follow. Now, this is not a diet trend or anything new; it is tried and true, evidence based medical protocol that I have been administering for six and a half years, published and shown to result in an average of 20% weight loss. All I am doing in the twelve blogs that follow, is lay out the process which I typically address within a person’s program, so you can read it from home.

Programs Covered:

All three of our programs will be covered, whether you have ten or 100 pounds to lose. They are:

Expeditions: for women with 30 pounds or more to lose and men with 40 pounds or more to lose. This is a full meal replacement, most days of the week. You can have a limited grocery meal one to two days per week.

Summit: for women with 10 to 30 pounds to lose or men with less than 40 pounds to lose. This is medical foods during the day and grocery dinner.

Peak: for women or men close to their goal weight, looking to maintain, change body composition, feel better, or lose 10 pounds or less. This is replacing one meal and one snack per day and having two grocery meals per day.


If you wish to follow along and participate, be sure it is safe to do so. The best thing is to make an appointment with us to review your personal medical history, medications, blood work, current issues, and work together to make a plan. If you have done the program before, do not have significant chronic medical conditions or chronic medications, then you may feel like you can get started on the Summit or Peak program.

Many people are behind in their routine health care or have access issues with their primary care provider. If you are not up to date on your blood work, you may want to get fasting blood work which we can arrange.

Go to our Resources page, be sure you have our Healthtrac app, read our program guide, browse our medical foods, and think about what for your health. My goal is that you follow along over the 12 coming weeks to follow a process to establish healthy habits for nutrition, activity, exercise, and self care. I hope you will join us.

Take Your New Year,

Valerie Hope-Slocum Sutherland, MD

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