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New Year, New Opportunity

New Year’s Day is a day of excitement for the future. There are many different traditions in different cultures and even different days on which New Year’s is celebrated. But, the sentiment is the same: we are all here and now and we have our future ahead of us. We have hope and aspirations for the best future possible. New Year’s resolutions, while sometimes getting a bad wrap, are based on the honorable desire to make a change for the better. How can that not be good? Rather than a trendy resolution, I am going to take this important time to drill down on the framework of the Rainier Medical 12 week weight loss program and lay it out, week by week, in a way that is easy to follow. Now, this is not a diet trend or anything new; it is tried and true, evidence based medical protocol that I have been administering for six and a half years, published and shown to result in an average of 20% weight loss. All I am doing in the twelve blogs that follow, is lay out the process which I typically address within a person’s program, so you can read it from home.

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