Rainier Medical: A Program for Everyone

The most important part of the Rainier Medical program is: YOU. Each program is a carefully woven tapestry of an individual’s journey from where they are to where they want to be. It is a journey not just about food. Each program is personal and no two are the same, since no two people are the same. Following are four different Rainier Medical programs. Most people benefit from being on one of the programs most of the time, to take care of their health while taking care of everything else in our complex world:

Expeditions Program: Very Low Calorie Diet

Intended to be a 14 week program to lose about 20% of your body weight for people with more than 30 pounds to lose, this program replaces all of your food most of the time with medical food. This plan requires medical screening and blood work. There are two variations of the Expeditions Plan. The Basic Plan uses 3-4 smoothies and 1 bar per day. The Variety Plan uses foods that mimic real food: egg scrambles, soups, pastas, and minimal smoothies and bars. Both the Basic and Variety plan have the same 640 - 800 calorie intake per day and are expected to achieve the same results. So, choose the one you prefer. People who like the convenience of smoothies tend to like the Basic Plan. People who prefer to feel like they are eating real food prefer the Variety Plan.

Summit Program: Low Calorie Diet

This program uses grocery store food for one meal per day, and the remained is medical foods from the Expeditions Program above. This plan is sometimes preferred fin the following situations: people with less than 30 pounds to lose, people with medical conditions or taking medications that make the very low calorie diet higher risk, people who value eating the same things as others for one meal a day, or people who have very high lean body mass and are very active. The weight loss may be about 30-50% slower than the Expeditions program and weight loss may stop at 10 to 15% of starting body weight, but results may be more or less as individual circumstances vary.

Peak Program

The Peak program contains all grocery food except one meal replacement per day, typically a smoothie for breakfast. This is a great plan to prevent weight regain (a maintenance plan) or for people who simply prefer using mostly grocery food for whatever reason, for people who are dealing with hardship in their life and need to focus on self-care, or for people who want simply want a wellness plan, whether they are trying to reduce their weight or not. It also works well as a "hold" period during a weight loss plan if something comes up, like a vacation, health or family issue. If used as a weight loss plan initially, it typically would result in about 10% weight loss.

There are many components that are consistent, whichever program you choose, including:

  • Avoiding being physically sedentary

  • Adequate sleep

  • Stress management

  • Nurturing health interpersonal relationships

  • Focusing on whole, plant based foods and avoiding ultra processed foods

  • Nurturing a physically active lifestyle

  • Engaging in regular exercise, including aerobic, resistance, mobility and balance components

  • Self-monitoring

  • Engaging in a longitudinal relationship with a physician for evaluation and monitoring of specific health parameters and any medical conditions and routine health maintenance

So, if you want to be pro-active about your health, choose the plan that is right for you right now, and periodically re-evaluate. Because, we don’t plan for health problems to come up, but they are likely to, at some point, if we don’t take care of our bodies! For more information on the programs, click here. For the 14 week syllabus on the weight loss programs, click here.

Take Back Your Health,

Valerie Sutherland, MD

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