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Week 9: Deflecting Saboteurs!

You are doing great! You have completed 8 weeks of your program! By now, you probably have experienced significant weight loss and are feeling much better! You may be at the lowest weight you have been in a while, so any additional weight loss is getting below a weight you have been lately. This is great, but it can also lead some people to lose focus. Wherever you are in your journey, remember to keep “running your own race.” Many people, by now, notice that people around them may have something to say about their diet changes. Or, even if they are not saying anything, many people notice that the foods other people keep around or the outings other people want to go on make it harder to stay on plan. For example, many people are frustrated that a loved one continues to bring certain foods into the house, and may even eat them in front of them while snacking. Or, they may feel pressure or feedback to go out to eat or to eat foods at family gatherings. They may get questions like, “When can you eat normally again?” These people are called “saboteurs.” Saboteurs can be a loved one, best friend, or coworker—anyone who attempts to undermine the success of your nutrition and exercise goals. This is often done unintentionally and with no ill will, but nevertheless is frustrating and difficult to overcome. You may find yourself having to avoid or deflect comments like “a little bit won’t hurt you” or “you will hurt my feelings if you don’t try it.” Sometimes it may even lead to you ultimately giving into temptations to avoid confrontation or having to explain your health journey. While you may have felt well equipped to deflect distractions at the start, now that you are nearly two months in and the urgency of weight loss has eased and the time and pressure has mounted, you may need some strategies to keep saboteurs from deflecting you from your goal. Here are some things that have worked for others for you to try.

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