The Halo Effect of Exercise : The Antidote to Sugar Addiction?

      Why is it that we eat right when we are in an exercise routine and then if that routine is interrupted (usually due to an injury or work schedule), then our “diet” goes out the window soon after?  This... Read More »

Body Mass Index After Menopause - Fact or Fallacy?

Measuring Weight After Menopause : Is it the Right Number?          During and after menopause, many women note changes in their metabolism, fat distribution, and body shape.  Typically, the changes involve increasing weight and body fat, increased abdominal circumference, and a... Read More »

The New Blood Pressure Guidelines: The Lower the Better?

What are the new hypertension guidelines and what do they mean for you? Read More »

My Six Best Portion Control Hacks

As a member of the Rainier Medical Weight Loss community, you are being bombarded with awesome and complicated advice about how best to manage your weight, your medical problems, your medications, etc, etc. All great stuff and it will work, trust me.... Read More »


Men’s Health Blog Douglas E Sutherland, MD Urologist February 27, 2018 I CAN SEE THE FUTURE (OF YOUR SEXUAL HEALTH)     Without a doubt, the most common men’s health concern I hear about in clinic is the loss of erectile function (ED). It often ties in directly... Read More »

Make Your Weight Loss A Team Sport

There is no reason to address obesity any different and I would argue that your weight loss will be easier, more enjoyable, and more likely to be sustainable if you recruit a team effort. Joining a group challenge fosters camaraderie and competition that directly leads to accountability. Read More »

Laser Treatments- 50% off in February to Celebrate our New Laser!

Dear Valued Client, We are offering 50% off all treatments administered in February to celebrate our brand new, state of the art laser to our MedSpa treatment offerings.  We now offer Xeo Laser Genesis treatments for anti-aging, pigmented lesions,  vascular lesions, vein treatment, and more.... Read More »

Adding Intensity Without Increasing Risk of Injury By Garrett Soames, PA-C, MMSc, ATC

How to use 12 minutes for an efficient workout to preserve lean body mass while losing fat. Read More »

truSculpt 3D - the latest in body contouring technology

truSculpt 3D is the latest in body sculpting technology to diminish fat Read More »

Low Testosterone - Guest Expert, Douglas Sutherland, MD.

"Doc, can we check my testosterone levels today?" I hear this question multiple times every day in my urology clinic, regardless of the reason the gentleman was sent my way in the first place. I have had men ask me this very question... Read More »